Do you use video reviews for your WSO or product release

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I was looking the WSO section and on a few of the products they had video reviews from people that got a review copy from the classified section of the forum, or from fiverr.

The first review was from a fiverr gig. I have seen this persons gig as well as reviews for several products. all pretty much the same. Him sitting in a studio with his headset around his neck telling how great the product is.

Two of the reviews are from guys, obviously in there bedroom. The first one did not even make his bed and looks like a slob. Not that he is a slob or that he is not successful, he just does not project a professional image. The second one was a kid, well he looked like a kid, early twenties at the most. Again, in a bedroom that looked like a teenagers bedroom in his mom and dads house, posters and a little un kept.

People should not judge a book by its cover, but we often buy a book because of its cover. The cover is the image. and the image I got from the video reviews was not that good.

In the IM/MMO niche it is tough enough to get a half way decent review for your product. I think you might want to think twice about video reviews, or at least view and be a bit more choosey about the ones you post with your product.

Just my opinion

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    Well, i think video reviews has a decent weight for any IM, otherwise there always are people to put that kind of testimonials that insted of help HURTS tremendously.

    Many IMERs do this my friend, but not only here, everywhere else you can think, that something that projects a bad reputation to trust of course.

    In other hand, not all reviews from products are fake, i my last year making money online i realized that by simple telling people " Are you willing to make a video review ( testimonial ) about my product?" can change the gameplay in a day to other.

    The hard thing here is to STOP IMERs to do this, not only for business image, but the brand that are trying to make will be made by fake so think twice...

    Just my simple thought....

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    Video reviews do help products and increases sales. But if you have an awesome sales letter and seem genuine to others, people will weigh in to that. You don't necessarily have to have a video review or welcome video in order to get sales.

    Just be you and build personal relationships with people so they can also review your product
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