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Hi worriors ,

I've recently writted a free ebook ( my first attempt) promoting an autoresponder by giving a free downloadable funnel in the same ebook.

i want to list the document for free in multiple ebook websites and directories, this ebook is basically composed by two sections :

• an introduction to email marketing for noobs and

• a guide on how to download an set a free funnel i'm offering in the document .

so after drafting and redrafting i'm stuck in two steps now :

the edition and the design , and given that it's a free ebook i don't want to invest big by hiring pros .

What do you suggest me to do ? Is it mandatory to have someone editing it ? And for the design part Should i do it the basic way through a word processor like Word or powerpoint ?

Additionnaly i will try to list it as free in big market like amazon in a kindle form if it's faisible

What do you think?

All feedbacks are appreciated and thanks for everyone
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