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How much money do you need to get started making money online ?
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    Depends on what you want to do.

    What is it that you want to do?

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    It depends what you want you to do. I think you'll need to be more specific if you want accurate answers.
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    Originally Posted by davemilli View Post

    How much money do you need to get started making money online ?
    Well, it really depends what you want to do. The most common way to make money online is as a niche blogger -- someone who creates blogs around a certain theme like dating, weight loss, electronics, toys,...etc and writes product reviews and articles about stuff in their niche of choice in order to get found in the search engines (based on what people are looking for). For this method (and others as well), it's common to pay for a domain name (usually done on a yearly basis - $13 USD or so), web hosting ($10 USD/month).

    After you site starts getting traffic, it's standard to pay for an autoresponder service like Aweber in order to build an e-mail list. You can get Aweber for $1 for the first month. After that, it's like $20 a month and up (depends on how many subscribers you have -- amount you pay is based on the level you're at). Your first time out of the gate, you're also going to need a program that teaches you how to make money blogging (can vary, I'd say $50 USD+).

    Finally, you're going to have to have access to a product in order to review it. To minimize costs, I recommend people start out by reviewing products they already have access to. This is why it's good to start out in a niche that you already know something about. If the product is digital, you can usually ask the product creator for review access (free access). You just tell them you want to build a site around their product in order to promote it.

    So, to sum it all up, I'd have at least $100 USD on hand -- don't want to be completely broke going into this.

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    Hi Dave,
    You really DO NOT need to invest a whole lot of big bucks to get started making money online. You can get yourself set up with a domain name, a hosting account, and an autoresponder for less than $50.00. After you've got that all set up, then you really need to invest in some totally complete and thoroughly comprehensive training to actually learn how to make money online without having to stumble and fumble around and waste a whole helluva lot of time, efforts, AND money in the process.

    Who Else Wants A Totally Complete and Thoroughly Comprehensive Course To Learn Internet Marketing?
    If you answered "Me" then check out my brand new course here:
    Go check it out right now !!

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    Originally Posted by davemilli View Post

    How much money do you need to get started making money online ?
    Hey Dave,
    I started with virtually nothing just over 7 years ago. It started with free blogger blogs. And I just went from there.

    Of course, the more money you can invest from the beginning the better chance you have at succeeding more quickly.

    But in this business you do not need a whole lot to start making money.

    Here is a Basic breakdown...
    1. Hosting for a Sq.Page - $10/mo.
    2. Autoresponder - $20/mo
    3. Domain- $10/yr.
    4. Free Giveaway- If you construct your own report or video it may cost you just Time.

    - Robert Andrew
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      Think of it not as cost but as investment. The major investment to get started is not so much money as time and effort learning about marketing online. It seems to take many people a lot of head scratching to figure out how to get started. I recommend looking for free information before investing in any courses. The are many good quality blogs about internet marketing - easily found.
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    as some have already suggested it all depends on what you want to advice i can give you is to not make any 'hit and run' campaign as many do it, which is send traffic to an affiliate offer and hope someone will buy,instead get the leads and promote over and over again and consider it as a real business, keep email customer for yourself.
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    Originally Posted by davemilli View Post

    How much money do you need to get started making money online ?
    It depends on what you already have in order to set up profitable money making campaigns.
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    To start an online business, it is what like others have said. How about that: To "REALLY MAKE MONEY ONLINE", you need not just the tool, you need to be financial literacy, as well as educated to be an Internet Marketer.

    Follow one course until success. That might cost you from $1 to $2997. Have your budget and decide which course or mentor should you go after.

    Then only decide how much would you like to invest in the tool. Although it's recommended to own a website, some mentors do not really teach you this way. Follow what your mentor has said, apply it, and see what's work for you. Unfortunately, you might not be able to find a great mentor at the first glance. BTW, this is a real business, isn't it? :-)

    So if you were to looking for a way to start online business, by adding in all your trial and error, I would not say it's under a hundred dollar. If you were to start generating income online, it's always after the trial and error, or, invest in your real education.
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    How much money do you need to get started making money online ?
    From $0 to Infinity and beyond...

    I just heard about a website that went under after spending $35,000,000 (yes 35 million) in venture capitol.
    Get Off The Warrior Forum Now & Don't Come Back If You Want To Succeed!
    All The Real Marketers Are Gone. There's Nothing Left But Weak, Sniveling Wanna-Bees!
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