Click Bank Refund Question Please??

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Sorry, I still have a hard time understanding this so I'll try to put it through an example.


Customer buys something from affiliate website for 100 dollars.

Affiliate gets 50% from merchant = 50 dollars.

Click Bank sends affiliate money via mail to affiliate's home address.

Suppose one day after, customer decides to refund the money to merchant.

Does Click Bank and the merchant then say to the affiliate, "Hey I'm going to need you to give me the 50 dollars back because the customer asked for a refund" even after Click Bank has already sent the money out to the affiliate's home?

How does that process work anyway?

Thank you.
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    Clickbank holds 10% of your earnings (by default) to cover this problem. They release it sometime after that refund period. I don't recall the exact time frame though.
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