How hard is to launch good product?

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How hard is to launch good product?
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    If you're willing to put the work in, it can be very rewarding. Building a solid product that's genuinely going to benefit a lot of people is key. Then establishing good relationships with super affiliates / JV's would also be beneficial.

    If you've got deep pockets you could look into doing PPC campaigns without JV's and super affiliates. It depends on your experience really...

    Look up Product Academy Incubator by Emka. This is a brilliant product that teaches people how to develop and release your own digital product online.
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    If you’re defining a good product as in a “well-received” product, then you have your work cut out for you.

    You have to remember that there is a lot of saturation in the WSO market.

    There really is.

    It seems that a lot of products are just rehashes of previous products.

    Some products claim to be new but in reality they’re just fixing some sort of small problem that other products failed to address.

    Other products are simply just updated versions of other techniques.

    If you really want to develop a product that is going to be well-received you have to do two things.

    First, focus on something that is really new.

    Either it can be an automation or software version of a technique outlined in a previous Ebook, or it can be a completely new piece of software.

    I’m very partial to software because software is harder to fake than Ebooks.

    Anybody can make claims.

    With software on the other hand, people can see how well put together your software is.

    Also it’s harder to lie with software.

    Either it works or it doesn’t.

    The second factor you need to keep in mind regarding the success of your WSO, is who pushes your product for you.

    You have to remember that most WSO sales made here are through affiliate sales.

    There’s really no way around it.

    You have to go out of your way to get the attention of top affiliate players.

    Otherwise, you would be better off just slowly building up the demand for your product.

    It’s more of a long shot.

    It’ll probably cost a lot more money.

    However, you have a lot more control over the process.
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    Originally Posted by davemilli View Post

    How hard is to launch good product?
    It's a process, and like many things...

    The more you do it, the easier it gets.
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    If you've done your research and you know there is a demand for your particular product, then put in the effort to produce it. Research > Plan > Create > Set Goal Dates for Launch > Sell to Your Targeted Market. Don't forget you can outsource much of your product production to make the process faster.

    ~ Rhonda White
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    Originally Posted by davemilli View Post

    How hard is to launch good product?
    Daft question. What you say is a good product may not be to others. In addition, there are countless millions of different products out there, so without being a LOT more specific you're not going to get specific answers back.
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    I think the hardest part is deciding when the product is good enough to launch. I know for myself I have released products too quickly and they weren't up to my own or my customer's standards. Now I make sure I'm 100% happy with the product before I start marketing it.
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    Originally Posted by davemilli View Post

    How hard is to launch good product?
    How hard it is to launch a good product? Well it depends on how prepared are you to launch your product. Obviously if you lack proper preparation (time, research, market study, competition, location, manpower, etc) it would be very difficult. However, if you are well prepared, things would not be as hard as you have imagined.
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    what you mean with "good product"? its really depends because a good product should be free in exchange of something, but you can launch high ticket products as well, but really depends of your niche and your knowledge! you are not going to ask for high price if your product is not worth. and people and affiliates are not going to promote either!
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    Ahhh the good old days of being naive and thinking 'as long as I get this launch right'.. . . .. if it's your first one evarrr you're probably excited and you don't know what you don't know yet.

    Truth is you'll probably try 3-xx times before you master a 'good launch' - however - a 'good product' actually needs no launching at all. A good product sells itself, and I don't mean ANY mmo/system/method/howToMakeMoney/notProduct, I mean an average end consumer product that solves a problem better, faster, cheaper, etc.

    Of course if you do happen to have a winning organically growing product on your hands because you focused on your product, you can do a formal launch at any given time and make that your real 'market launch', vs a market test with extra extra announcements in a wso on a cold unproven 'product' (aka a new comers first launch on how to make money when they haven't made more than a few spikes if that)..

    Even ppl/teams in my position with a lot of resources don't just launch blindly because we can, or because we want to play a retention game on refunds on poorly rehashed content or get you on a drip of intel for a resid.. these are all transfer of wealth games preying on noobs.

    If you're serious about becoming a product line owner, look for real gaps in good markets that interest you that you can fill or do better than.

    If something DOES take off on you, forget having a good launch, you'll actually be stuck in launch mode for years to come as it keeps growing organically. I've been stuck in launch mode for 5 years now (aka reactive mode because something worked better than my wildest dreams, but only after xx attempts/sites/products/tests and a dozen semi-successes), and the project has held me hostage/golden cage, I'm glad it's something I enjoy doing or else I doubt I'd still be here and thriving.

    My point is don't worry about your launch, worry about customer satisfaction and conversions on your market split tests until you prove extremely profitable on your own, only then worry about affiliates or launches or branching out to maximize your opportunity of discovery.

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    Well, it depends on which level you are at.

    If you're a beginner, start with a small product, which is very easy to create and less time consuming.

    You can also start making sales within a week with a short product.
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    If you don't have any relationships or partnerships established with affiliates already who can push your product in your launch week then it might not be easy to go that route, because you would have to try and establish contacts with them and entice them somehow to promote you.

    Otherwise you can "launch" it yourself by running solo ads to an optin page and have your product as OTO, that way you can see if it converts. If yes, it will be easier to get affiliates on board for a set date launch.

    Hope this helps.
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    Originally Posted by davemilli View Post

    How hard is to launch good product?
    How hard is it only depends on you, how do you plan on launching it?
    And what is it? Like someone mentioned above, a good product for you might not be good for others, so you have to think about how to target the people who will be buying it, and convince them they really need it.
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      As today's world is often called a world of excess, launching a good product can turn out very demanding. It is very difficult nowadays to astonish the customer with a product or service that he or she finds exceptional and unique. However, it is not impossible. And when such an effect is achieved, the reception is extremely warm and efficient as it does not happen on a daily basis. So keep trying!
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    If its a good product that meets peoples needs and genuinely solves a problem, its really very easy.

    I have found this with my current startup especially. The product speaks for itself therefore very little marketing is needed.
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