Millionaire went out of his way to help me!

by Acer46
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Remembering the late Marketing legend Jim Straw. Does anyone else have any positive experiences with Millionaire Jim Straw. Back several years ago he went out of his way to help me broker my first Joint Venture Partnership. He always answered all my questions I had with wisdom and clarity. He was a straight shooter and loved marketing. He was in my mind on of the top marketers in the country. Let's here your stories or memories of Jim.
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    Some nice comments in this thread...

    Jim Straw Passed Away 12/3/12
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    Umm..can we also get to hear the wisdom ?
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      Jim was a great guy.. He mentored and inspired many people.. I actually had a brother
      Who had some business dealings with him many years ago.
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    Respectfully i think this belongs in the Off Topic Forum...
    Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.

    ― George Carlin
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      Jim Straw educated me on how to win at MLM / Network Marketing.

      He taught me that you must have a good product that fills a need or demand at a reasonable price.

      He taught me to build my Network first and only offer my product to those who indicated they are ready.

      And he taught me To "Always exceed your customers expectations."

      Sadly Jim is no longer with us but his books live on. Find them on Amazon.

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