Does Instagram Really Work for Teespring?

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Read couple books where people tell to use Instagram for teespring and that it works but don't provide any real proof, not even screenshot from teespring analytics with conversions from instagram...
One of them even placed campaign link into his e-book and claims it sold on instagram, however if you go there it shows 0 sales in previous campaign...

So i wonder if I should spend my time building instagram.

Please share your experience using Instagram for Teespring, is it worth time to sit there hours liking other people's images?

P.S.: feel free to share working free traffic strategy for teespring if you know any
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    Considering how Teespring links are hard to directly link to using Instragram, I would use Pinterest instead but Teespring products are very visual.

    We are of course talking about T-shirt designs.

    They make for great pictures and whenever we’re talking about marketing through pictures, Pinterest should be high on your list.

    Here are some tips on how to effectively market Teespring products on Pinterest:

    1. Use the best pictures. If you’re not a professional photographer, find one. There are people on oDesk.
    You can hire for dirt cheap. Regardless investing in top notch pictures is crucial of you want to be successful in promoting Teespring products through Pinterest.

    2. Make sure you use the right key words. You have to remember there are people who search on Pinterest using different tags. Don’t use tags that are saturate. Don’t use tags that everybody else is using. Use tags that have a following but don’t have much Teespring competition. This is the secret to really standing out on Pinterest.

    3. Follow other people. The key here is to get noticed by people who pin a lot. The more you follow other people, the more you engage other people, The higher the likelihood that your own pins will get noticed and would be added to more pin boards.
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    Originally Posted by islavinskiy View Post

    So i wonder if I should spend my time building instagram.
    Yes, definitely...

    As it's got great traffic and it's pretty simple to target who you want.

    However, I've never personally done Teespring with Instagram...

    Simply for the fact that scaling would be as slow as molasses.

    Consider the fact you need X amount of sales to tip a campaign...

    I wouldn't recommend using IG for Teespring...

    A teeshirt store would work much better.
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