ive got a website but what to do with it ?

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    Depends what kind of website it is, what topic, or subject does it talk about - is it a blog or what?

    Journalism, the profession is undergoing a massive change since the WWW has arrived. I help people to build their personal profile and create a multi-media platform with WordPress, Podcasting, Writing and Video.
    Digital Media for a Noisy World

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    Originally Posted by Joshua32 View Post

    ive got a site what to do with it ?
    That's like saying 'I have a piece of string, what do I do with it?'

    You've told us nothing, so how can you expect sensible replies.
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  • Add content to it, monetize it, flip it??
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    What kind of site you have..? Post them site basis content regularly, monetize it different ways and so on.
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    It is up to you? You can create a personal blog, e commerce website or anything else.
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    Originally Posted by Joshua32 View Post

    ive got a site what to do with it ?
    I'd probably pass it along to someone who has more gumption, common sense and direction.
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    Basically you have put the cart before the horse.

    A website by its self is pointless. Since you have asked such a question I assume
    you now very little about internet marketing. Start by searching for a mentor/coach to
    help give you focus and some education and where to start. Good Luck.
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    A website by itself is nothing. One needs to be clear about what the website is about,what are the products etc..
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    Originally Posted by Joshua32 View Post

    ive got a site what to do with it ?
    What do YOU want to do with it?
    You can build a blog, a forum, a squeeze page, an eCommerce site... I can't even finish the list, there are too many options.
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        Originally Posted by Joshua32 View Post

        yeah i know but it is only 250 visitors so i need to upgrade it but i dont have the cash unless i start a gofundme page then people can help me out with donating
        Well then, it's easy: find free methods to increase traffic!
        Seriously, you can't say you didn't know there are free ways to drive traffic to your website. Browse through the SEO section of the forums, you'll find plenty of great advice in there.
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    This is funny.

    Usually people at least pretend to make an effort to look like they are trying before throwing up their hands and asking for help.

    I can't tell if this is a desperate ploy to get some traffic in the doomed hope that some will stick around and contribute (not gonna happen) or if it is a genuine plea for some direction.

    If it is the latter, I am going to tell you that everything you need to know to do SOMETHING is freely available here. Read and keep reading until something sounds appealing to you, then do it, analyze, and based on the results decide your next move.

    Were you looking for the easy answer? Those are in the WSO section. All sorts of overnight riches to be found in there if you believe the hype. The problem is that is all it is - hype and hot air. You don't need a WSO, you need to be willing to work hard and make a daily effort.

    If you don't have time for that, you don't have a site.
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    It deppends on wat webside it is, if i where you i would Just read up on the businiss model you have, and i would check out whats Worth doing with it good luck fella warrior!!
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    If you provide a service or product then using Website you can reach people easily and can market your service/product and ultimately you can increase your sales...
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    More specify about your site then ask for suggestion
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    lol, I'm sorry!

    Well, ask yourself who are the people that would like to look at my website and the content I have on it!

    Then go give people a reason to cross that bridge and go over to your site and see if the goal of your site is converting.

    Anotherwords what is the point of your website? Is it to make a sale, produce a lead or share content?

    After you have a website your next step is to send traffic to your new webpage. So I would learn about traffic generation and who your ideal prospect or customers are.
    Working to achieve higher results...
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    Add some content to it, build some backlinks and find related product to promote.
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    You can build a content website then you can promote an affiliate product, or even sell your own product.
    Or else, make it a membership website.
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    Originally Posted by Joshua32 View Post

    ive got a site what to do with it ?
    Is it the website link in your signature? It's not good at all. Are you trying to compete with Fiverr?
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