FB Ads Is The #1 Traffic Source

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If Fb ads are #1 traffic source what are the #2 -3-4 sources? Just a bit curious.
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    FB ads are not #1 for everybody. True they get Fast results but you have to have a large bank roll to make the big money. JV could be #2 however they are hard to get started. Need to start building relationship with JV by selling there affiliate products first. You tube videos are a great source for leads but will take time to build up. Hope this helps!
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    Yes it's true FB is no 1 traffic source but it depends on your own Technic. Forum post, Youtube and different other social media, SEO can give you much traffic what you want.
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    FB is nowhere near the number one traffic source for some niches/products/services. For some things it is Adwords and believe it or not for some things it is Bing. The only way you know for sure is to test.
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    Originally Posted by davemilli View Post

    If Fb ads are #1 traffic source
    Must have missed the 'official vote' for best traffic source

    Aside from which traffic source is best...

    You can also consider Bing, Google Adwords, Twitter, and IG

    (just to name a few out of a 'gazillion' more)
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    Traffic quality generally depends on the user.
    Never think that, Facebook ads always work for everyone.
    But truly, it is awesome.
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      The question should be, "What do you believe would be the best traffic source for my niche/product."

      Cheers. - Frank
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    i'd rather use youtube as source instead of fb, however it all depends on what u need to do
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    Facebook Ads aren't necesarily the best traffic source - even though you can get good clicks at such a low CPC. My favorite traffic sources are:

    - PPC (Bing ads, Adwords)
    - Youtube advertising
    - Forum advertising
    - Free Forum marketing
    - Small niches on EZA that still get mega traffic
    - My blog
    - My email list
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      Best traffic source is kind of odd statement. Who is it the best traffic source for? What is best for me is not going to best for anyone else. As far as #1 trafficked on the web. Yeah I would agree. Just look a ALEXA rankings.


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    Every demographic is represented on facebook. You can reach any type of person in the world.

    Whether facebook is the "best" is solely up to the marketer. I know facebook has the potential to be profitable in almost every niche, it just depends if the person running the campaign wants to put in the work.
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    FB is great for many reasons. One of the reasons is that Facebook has collected a huge amount of data about its customer, gender, age, city, what they like, what they hate, and the list goes on and on. The advantage of this is that you can leverage your traffic to target the exact demographic you want.
    Here is how you can utilise Facebook for your campaign.

    1. Read the guidelines to ensure your website abides by Facebook's advertising rules .

    2. Start with a small budget ($20.00) and test your traffic, conversions and sales

    3. Once you have found a campaign which gives you a lot of conversions and sales scale up your budget and leverage from that.

    Hope that helps
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    Originally Posted by davemilli View Post

    If Fb ads are #1 traffic source what are the #2 -3-4 sources? Just a bit curious.
    As to actual rankings on effectiveness, that really depends on a lot of factors. Here are some others that I find have worked well for me over the years.

    1. Safeswaps - if you have a list already, you can get involved here and swap sending your message to other peoples lists. I wouldn't pay to mail to someone elses list here though as pretty much all the cpc is generally very high.

    2. Traffic Exchanges - If you're a newbie just starting out you can familiarize yourself with this old school simple traffic method. eg. I Love Hits, Traffic Swarm..

    3. PayPerClick - Bing & Yahoo are decent but also take a look at what Facebook has to offer.
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      happen to know came to my research

      for those not IM and just surf Facebook " most of them say they ingore those sponsor ad "
      that means they never click and see.

      well I do know FB have this system....
      if they search some stuffs they like....
      and happen you are promoting the stuffs they want.

      than this ad will always appear for them.

      but again " chances to click and see well..."

      yea need some funds to " burn "
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