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Hey there,

I've been trying to make money for the past 7 months with a little bit of success, but it's never been consistent. I've decided that I want to get some solo ad coaching. Roughly $8k.(You all have mixed feelings about it, I know )

But the problem is, how do I get my hands on the money? I'm 18 years old and because of personal circumstances, I haven't been able to get a job since September 2014 and I won't be able to until October this year. Some people have mentioned crowdfunding and things like that, but it just hasn't work for me. (If someone is a pro at crowdfunding, let me know!)

My current situation has left me in a bit of a pickle because I literally have $2 in my bank account and I don't know what I'm able to do to change it.

If anyone out there has any ideas or can help me out, I would really appreciate it!

Thank you

P.S. The past few months have probably been the hardest of my life but they have made me super motivated to succeed! I will never give up
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    Paul, seriously: Avoid solo ad coaching. In fact, avoid coaching altogether. Reading your OP there, and reading between the lines, you're clearly a clever chap who knows a thing or two about IM. What I would honestly do is hold onto most of your cash and invest - just a little - into a simple, solid system. Get it earning and, if you feel you need a coach (because sometimes it certainly helps to speed up the earning process), reinvest your profits. $8K is a crazy amount. I've had students with me who've spent 5% of that and I've been helping them for months. My advice: keep your money, invest in a low-cost method, and reinvest only when you can do it without feeling the pinch.

    All the best,


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    You spend $8k on solo ads, or did you spend $8k on a solo ads coach?

    If you only have $2, then you should do some ground work. If you want some money within the next 3 hours, do this:

    1) Donate plasma

    2) Donate sperm

    3) Sell valuables on ebay

    You're going to have to keep learning about internet marketing. It's a constant changing industry, but you won't get their overnight. Stay motivated.
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    Hey Paul-

    Let me get this straight. You have no money. You have lots of free time. You want to offer someone up to $8,000 for coaching, yet you only have $2 in the bank. You can't get a job (I know why but I won't say it). so your only chance of making cash is doing it from home.

    Here's what you do. Forget about solo ads for the moment, because you're not ready for that yet. Go to HubSpot instead and go through their certification course. This will teach you how to get leads naturally, without spending any cash. Then go to edX and sign up for a few free marketing courses; this will teach you the principles that you desperately need.

    Once you have these skills in hand, start reaching out to internet marketing companies and offer to work for free. You can gain experience from home and see exactly how the company is making their money, and in 3-6 months you should be able to have their monetization strategies down cold. Just work hard, ask lots of questions and do everything you can to learn...and it will be the most valuable 3-6 months of your life.

    Finally, this should keep you busy right up to October. Once the ankle brace comes off, get a job and start bringing in a full time income at McDonalds or anywhere you can find work. Use that initial cash to build your own website, learn from your mistakes and eventually make a little bit of money. When that happens, reach out to an authority in your niche and offer to work with them for free in exchange for tips on your own website.

    That's the path every starting Internet Marketer should take and it's one that doesn't cost a single penny. It's definitely the hard road though and most don't take it because it requires 6-9 months of hard work...so they instead do nothing for years and continue to dream about paying the expert for instant success blueprints. There is a reason why the authorities are selling their time instead of just making money through advertising though; it is hard work and it takes full commitment.

    So if you don't have that kind of desire right now to learn for free, the best advice I can give you is to sit back on the couch, fire up the X-Box and play video games until October rolls around. Then get that job at McDonalds anyway and maybe you'll be assistant manager in 6-8 years.

    I hope that helps.

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    I'm at a point where I have had to cancel my Aweber + Instapage account because I can't afford to keep it running. It's even more annoying knowing that I can't do anything about it. I guess I'll just keep going at it.
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      Hi Paul,

      I am trying to write an ebook on how to properly get into this game but I'm not sure when it'll be done. I've been in your situation and trust me, I understand how you feel.

      Your options? Read up online on free ebooks and materials that're available on forums and such since you've no means to pay for any proper coaching yet. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT pay for coaching even if you do have the money all of a sudden. Why? It's because it'll most likely be all the money you have and once you paid for it, you have all the knowledge and ideas fresh in your mind but you can't get started because you've used up all your resources.

      Take your time, seek help from friends and family, get a little bit of money, spend them on low costs ebooks and WSOs, build your pool of knowledge, then get a job after October, work your way up slowly (not a big fan of crowdfunding unless you've valid selling points if not it's a waste of time) I believe this should be the correct action plan.

      Keep grinding, don't give up!
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    You've probably already seen this. But this thread has some very good ideas:
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