Is good idea promote clickbank in me small list?

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hello warrior,

i have one question;

Is good idea promote clickbank in me small list?
or exist any other better?

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    Hi, I'd love to help answer your question but I think you won't get much help the way you have listed it. I only understand it's about Clickbank but try to be clear man and am sure you will get a bunch of replies.
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    You can send promotions to any size list . . . what is important is that you nurture your list and build your credibility so your subscribers gain value from being on your list. You want to build trust in you and your brand. If your subscribers don't trust you they won't buy.

    If I were just starting out with a brand new list, I would want to build that list up a little with lots of free and valuable content. If you hammer your list with nothing but offers, they soon won't respond to anything you send.


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    I agree with Steve above.

    You can promote clickbank products on your small list. It would be better that what you promote is a product related to the interest of your list.

    Just be helpful. Point to your list why the product you are promoting can help them.
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    of course u can,but it must be related to your niche
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    I agree with the others about providing only what your list would benefit from, at least, at the very beginning. In some ways, a smaller list allows you to be more personal with your promotions, because, if you're like me, you pay very close attention to where those peeps are coming from.

    I think the key to list building it prioritizing your list, and being patient. Patience is seriously lacking in this business, so if you can master that, and focus, you'll be ahead of the game!

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    Originally Posted by djfumon View Post

    Is good idea promote clickbank in me small list?
    I can't see any reason why it wouldn't be a goo idea...

    Unless you've got better offers to promote...

    Then let 'em rip!
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    Absolutely, keep in mind you need to also build trust and value in you list.
    Not just hammer with affiliate links. If you want to have a responsive list
    Hold off selling to them until you build trust. Do that by sending them content.
    Adrian Sizer
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    Originally Posted by djfumon View Post

    hello warrior,

    i have one question;

    Is good idea promote clickbank in me small list?
    or exist any other better?

    How small is the list? Do the offers you want to promote match the niche of your list?
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    nice. very thanks for you comments.

    you need to have a website to gain credibility?
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    If I were you, I would ask several questions to my list members because I want to feel out what the range of interests of my list members are.

    Alternatively, you could look at your squeeze page and see how you recruited people to get on your mailing list in the first place.

    These initiatives should give you enough information as to which types of Clickbank products your list members might be interested in.

    Now, here comes the hard part.

    Once you have a rough idea as to the niches involved, look for many different products on clickbank that involve these niches.

    You should then write very story-driven reviews or analyses of these products and send them.

    Focus on different niches to your list at different times and take a look at the click through rates.

    And most importantly, pay attention to the conversion rate.

    You should be able to see a pattern and see which niches your list members are actually interested in.

    Once you identify the niches that your list members are most responsive to, focus on finding the very best products in that niche.

    Again, you should do constant experimentation by offering many different products and see which ones convert your list the best.

    It is all about experimentation.

    That is why I love lists building because you are given a lot of opportunities to try new stuff.
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    Of course, go ahead, but make sure you provide good reasons why they should buy your recommendation, dont just send the link, say hey buy this. Also make sure you've buit some trust, like give some good free content.
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    Send emails to your list from DAY ONE. Statistically, you should expect the same % of sales no matter how many leads you have (whether it's 10 or 10,000).
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