Alexa Rank less then 100k website Cost?

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i want to know about what is the cost of website, who alexa rank is less then 100k .. and 1000 page views per day and income 400$ per month any idea...
Please tell me the exact estimate ...

Sorry for poor english....
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    Depending on the income reliability you may get 20x your monthly profit so maybe $6k-$10k

    Not enough data here to give you a real estimate.
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    You also need to pay attention to the niche the site is it.

    Is it growing?

    What is the geographical concentration of the demographic most interested in the niche?

    Income is definitely a key factor but FUTURE GROWTH PROSPECTS should also be part of the equation.
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    I think the $6-$10k range sounds reasonable. You can figure the pricing would at least start at 10x its monthly revenue. So, if it's making $400 per month profit then easily $4k starting.

    Alexa isn't everything.. I've had sites with Alexa rankings in the millions, yet they still get 1k+ uniques per day. I've also had sites that get less than 100 uniques per day be under 1Mill alexa. It all varies on the traffic coming into your site and whether they have the Alexa toolbar installed or not. It's more popular in some countries than others!
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    I agree with icoachu! You need to see if you can continue to develop these website even further!
    Also, Alexa isn't a factor you should take into consideration, look at traffic, income and future of the website.
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    $4000 is what you "should" pay. For example on Flippa 10 x monthly (gross) earnings is a known calculation for buying web properties. If you're dealing with a private brokerage you'll likely pay more.

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