$500 to start with clickbank.

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I want to make lots of cash.
Any advice please

- I have no Idea in what product to promote.
- I'm trully dedicated in making this work.
- I need help.
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    earning depend on your traffic source ... more traffic means much earning.. but keep in mind target visitor send into your target offer.
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    I would begin by researching for every post about Clickbank here on the WF. I've actually done a review for a Clickbank course even that is going to be released as a WSO in the not too distant future I think, but the WF is long established and I'm sure that even before you start spending money for advice you should look at all of the old posts:

    Here are the search results for "ClickBank" http://www.warriorforum.com/search.p...rchid=30476405

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    before do anything pick ur niche.
    is there anything that u like to do or u consider ur self an expert or passionate about?

    if so start building a landing page with leadpages and get a good autoresponder (aweber or getresponse)and then collect the emails,promote ur list every days with related offers u find on clickbank and many others networks

    i recommend to not send direct traffic as it may result a waste of time and especially money if you do not make lots of tests first

    good luck and pm for more info if u want

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      Thank you for the info. what do you use for landing page.

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    Check out these videos on Youtube also, which will help.


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    Before you do anything or start spending money on ads, educate yourself. There are a lot of useful threads here in the forum.
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    If you got some money, find a mentor.

    If you don't have money, then browse this forum and learn every tips then take action.
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      Please i'm in Ghana, i will also need help to make some cash online.
      I have been trying for a while now but nothing worked.

      Please i need help
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      Originally Posted by alexchen23 View Post

      If you got some money, find a mentor.

      It really makes my stomach turn every time I see someone tell a complete newbie to get a mentor.

      In my opinion I really don't think you need one but mentors are really meant for taking you to the next level and if you're green as the grass in my lawn, getting a mentor is not only going to waste the mentors time but also your time and money.

      @op If you really like the idea of a mentor then learn all the basics first.
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    First of all you need to learn everything related to clickbank, search over the forum, I am sure there is a lot of information around.
    Meanwhile you can start selecting your niche as well. There is a lot of tips about niche selection in this forum as well.
    Good luck.
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    When just starting in Internet marketing, it is really difficult for some to decide where to start. This is often referred to as "analysis-paralysis". I wrote a book that gives newbies and those that have started down the IM path but are really struggling to get a foothold some ideas on how to avoid the potholes and ditches that IM'ers run into when they are trying to figure out the direction they want to go.

    Knowing how frustrating this can be for first timers in this business, I decided to reserve a few copies of my book as scholarships to give to people looking for a place to start. If you would like a copy of my book just send me a PM with your email address and I will send you a copy.

    There is no cost or obligation on your part. Being able to help someone get a clearer vision on how to get started in this business has its just rewards.

    Helping Internet marketers succeed and thrive.

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    Best bet is to read the money making threads but don't buy any ebook. Just read free resources in the forum and start implementing the methods. $$ could starting rolling in
    SEWARRIOR - web 2.0 Backlink Builder - Download 30 day Free Trial .
    Try Now for Free!
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    Hey Jason, There is quite a bit of free information available in this forum if you spend some time searching you can get basic knowledge to understand clickbank and the various methods used to make sales and also some advanced knowledge to help you optimize your campaigns.
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    Originally Posted by jason cyrus View Post

    I want to make lots of cash.
    Any advice please

    - I have no Idea in what product to promote.
    - I'm trully dedicated in making this work.
    - I need help.
    You just want everything on a silver platter huh? Lol... this reminds me of the show "Bar Rescue". Jon Taffer comes and brings his magic wand, and then "POOF!!".... the bar is successful again...

    ...until he leaves, and the bar owner does nothing to sustain the income. And then eventually falls back into the same rut and debt.

    Read, read, and read some more on this forum. Depend on YOURSELF to become knowledegable... not others.
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    As everyone else has already said, read and educate yourself as much as you possibly can. Also keep in mind that this is just going to happen overnight. Pick something and stick to it.
    CashAds LLC Affiliate Network
    Affiliate Manager / Marketing
    p: 888-425-7551 aim: CashAdsMike.
    e: marketing@cashadsllc.com
    Don't like it? We'll fix it. Don't have it? We'll get it.
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    First pick a niche and product that you are knowledgeable in already. If you can't find one that you already have some experience in, you will have 'learn' about it as you go.

    Your success will be determined mainly on your skills and abilities that you become 'fluent' in, not by what product or compensation you choose.

    You have to learn how to become a marketer.
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    Pick a niche that you know something about or have an interest or even a passion in. Learn from free material readily available.
    Avoid signing up for training or programs until you have learned enough not to get sucked into 'push button' and 'overnight riches' type over promises. You can waste a lot of time and energy running in circles at first.
    Some product vendors have good resources and even getting started training for affiliates. Look for higher gravity sales products in the clickbank marketplace and check out the sales page and resources. Feel your way into product funnels that you would feel good about buying yourself. Products that offer high value and are not over hyped with no substance.
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    As other warriors have stated, the best way to make money with affiliate marketing, and the one that is most long term, and I believe the most profitable, is building an email list.

    What I'm currently doing is using PPC ads (Facebook and Bing) to drive visitors to a capture page targeted for a specific product, and then once they enter their email, they are taken to the product offer page.

    As far as services go, I would suggest GetResponse, because for $30/month you can get a landing page creator/hosting and email autoresponder. (Although you'll have to upgrade the email costs as you get more subscribers). I believe for up to 1,000 subscribers it's $15/month, and then it's $15/month always for the landing page tools.

    Good luck!
    Do You Procrastinate? This Book Will Help You Learn How To Motivate Yourself and Those Around You!!! Get it Here on Kindle!
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    If i where starting over i would start NOT with clickbank, find a product on say clicksure that has NO REFUNDS, so if you work hard, spend your money and make a sale, you don't lose your commission

    Newbie Training, Product Reviews, Advance training, Live help and monthly cash prizes membership site coming soon..PM if interested in becoming a member or to promote the launch.

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    Here is step by step:

    1. Select CB products
    2. Write reviews for that products on your own website with CB aff links
    3. Promote them. There are a lot of traffic methods, you can pick 1 - 3 methods then master it.
    4. Don't forget to build your own list for your online business in long term.
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    Originally Posted by jason cyrus View Post

    I want to make lots of cash.
    Any advice please

    - I have no Idea in what product to promote.
    - I'm trully dedicated in making this work.
    - I need help.
    here is Tyler Bramlett and Finding Success Through ClickBank

    Set S.M.A.R.T. goals
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    Originally Posted by jason cyrus View Post

    I want to make lots of cash.
    Any advice please

    - I have no Idea in what product to promote.
    - I'm trully dedicated in making this work.
    - I need help.
    My advice:

    Be specific with your target. It is not enough to simply say you want to make lots of cash. That would be difficult for you. It is like playing archery without a target.

    In this connection, I suggest you target how much would you like to achieve with your $500 investment in promoting Clickbank products.

    Do first things first.

    Invest your time or money in getting the right information first before just diving into paid promotions or else you will just blow up this money without actually achieving something in profits.
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      Here is my suggestion:

      1. Pick a niche you are passionate about. If you love what you're writing about, it will flow easily.
      2. If you have something of value, offer it as a free gift in exchange of people's email addresses (build your list). Those subscribers will become potential buyers if you know how to treat your list well.
      3. If you can teach people something that works, especially if it has worked for you. Write a case study and sell it online. You will then build a buyers list that you can promote affiliate products to from time to time, while still offering great value and free epic content.

      This is my opinion.
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    Before you do anything I recommend that you sign up to a capture page service such as LeadPages, then send your traffic to the squeeze page before your offer.

    That way you can follow up and get more sales

    Good Luck


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    You want to do a lot of money and you have not an idea!!

    Ok.... there are 2 way.

    choose a niche. better something that passionate you and that is tradable.

    alternative 1
    open a site/blog (find best alternatives in this forum).
    make a squeeze page connected with an autoresponder if you want to optimize conversions-
    promote affiliate products (look at clickbank or jvzoo).
    Learn very well how to use PPC as AdWords, Facebook Ads (Bing Ads) to get traffic in your squeeze page (or in the page of your product)

    alternative 2
    choose your niche,
    open a blog connected with your AdSense acount.
    Learn how to use right AdSense strategy
    Write article every day
    (in this way you don t need invest on PPC)

    Free Guide to Make Money Online [Now!]
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    Success with Clickbank boils down to finding out ways to generate targeted traffic to your products.

    If you have the money to invest. Don't spend it on Ad traffic.

    Spend money on a software that allows you to automate tasks on one of the major platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, or Pinterests. I suggest this instead of Ads or backlinking software, because you will be able to control the traffic and see a much larger return on your investment. This doesn't mean use these to spam these sites, just use them to generate traffic on a large scale

    There is a method of marketing on these sites however that is a little more nuanced than normal backlinking, however by doing some research on how to do proper content marketing not seo marketing you will be fine.

    Focus solely on one platform so you don't get unfocused.
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    I would like to suggest you to learn the business first, then you can start. If you start the business without learning, you may loss. So you should not spend a big amount of money, before learning. After learning the business, you have to try hard & soul. I am sure, Success will come to you. You will go in your speed, the success will behind you. Do not try to hurry up. You should be patience & knowledge is must.

    Are you okay?

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