Need a weapon that must exist.... surely !?

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Hey Guys

Just a brief post to see if any of you can shed some light on my dilema.

I'm a musician and I am in the process of launching (thanks frank) my first album. I've been collecting names/emails at my live shows and I have a pretty decent amount of friends on facebook.

The thing i need is a tool that can either:

A - Get all the email addresses from my facebook (and even myspace) friends so I can add them as part of the autoresponder sequence im about to fire up in Aweber.


B - Simply and easily add all of my facebook friends to a group (fan) page where they can sign up to become a fan and consequently recieve the AR sequence which will be active on facebook as well -WITHOUT- having to add every single person to a message individually, driving them to the page (in the hope they sign up).

As always warriors, I massively anticipate your replies and your excellent work that continues to make this forum absolutely exceptional


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    try facebook friend bomber... technically it's a little black hat but hey.

    This is more for your answer to B.

    It collects profile ids and then you can send out a message to all of them or write on their walls etc. I like writing on walls because you don't just reach one person. Make it personal as possible but not too spammy to look like an ad.

    Hope this helps..
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      It would be best to do something with double opt in, so you are only sending to people who register an interest.

      Better targetting and protects you from accusations of spamming.

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    If I were you I would set up a website for your band. Offer to give away an mp3 track if they submit their information. This way you have all their information. You could then upsell them your album once they signed up

    This is along the lines of what Sapphire is talking about I believe. Both your options are not great. You could be reported for spam.

    Best to play it safe and let the music speak for itself
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