Why a free giveaway is essential in capturing leads

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Hey guys

Recently I have been pondering about why creating a free gift or giveaway to generate a lead to your website is very important. I spent some time contemplating and doing a little research and this is what I came up with.

1. People love free stuff- Whenever I walk done the street and someone approaches me and asks me to try a free sample coffee I always go for it. I notice other people doing the same thing. This is because offering someone something for free gives them a great incentive that there is no way they can’t give you their email address.

2. Consent-When you offer a free gift on your squeeze page it gives them the consent to join your email list, and for you to start email them with great offers. Because you have given your subscriber an awesome free report,video,or audio file to help solve a specific problem they will be thankful by buying the products that you are recommending.

3. It displays your expertise- When you offer a free report on a topic in your niche for example how to lose 5 pounds in 10 days. It shows that you are very knowledgeable and that you know your stuff very well. People will take you seriously. They will trust and like you and they will follow your advice. This is tremendous power, and a great way to spread your message to the world.

In my opinion I think offering a free gift is essential in getting amore visitors to your website and having them convert into sales.
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    It all depends on your ultimate aim and process of engagement for those who opt in for your free gift.

    Many freebie seekers won't even open your first email let alone download your free gift.

    My preferred method is to go with a low ball offer i. e. $1 and get a buyers list going. A buyer of a $1 product is a lot easier to engage with and convert especially if your $1 offers insane value.

    Just my 2c
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    These days people are getting used to being offered free stuff..
    What you need to give away needs to be much better these days in order to get the same conversion rate.
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    You have to be Personalized to stand out, meaning deliver different stuff to different types of visitors. Up your game and be super smart.
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      I know there has been somewhat of a paradigm shift in this regard...where a lot of marketers are touting that you should charge a small fee for the giveaway.
      And that way you get a Buyers List to work with from the git go.

      But I still think the Free Giveaway is still the way to go. If you want the Buyers List from the git go you will end of losing the opportunity in using your skills to persuade the freebie seeker to turn into a buyer

      - Robert Andrew
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        Another important reason for offering a free (or $1) gift is to qualify your prospects.

        Not everyone will take you up on your offer, free or not. It's important to somehow segregate those people who want what you are offering. You want them to identify themselves by raising their hand to your offer so you know who to focus your efforts on.

        Even if your audience is rabidly passionate about the niche, there will always be those prospects that are not quite ready to jump at what you have to offer right now. So you focus your effort on those that respond to your offer as being the "most willing prospects at this point in time."


        Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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