Million dolar software going viral! Real $hit! *Need advice!?

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So, I've been promoting this software for some time now.
The main way I used to promote it was to go on facebook tech related groups,
and then post links of my youtube video.From there, anyone interested could contact me on how to get the software.
It was converting really Well. $$$
My main question is how can I advertise and make it go viral?
I have money to pay for any ads etc.

1) I don't have a website for this software because I don't think it was necessary and this is my secret!I wanted to individually direct them to buy the software, because I WANT TO CASH ON THEIR CURIOSITY.

2) Since I mainly promote this software through facebook and youtube, I need a way to get more traffic.On facebook, I make a few post on groups every month, Linking my youtube video to the comment. And if they are
interested after watching my video, they can contact me through email.

3) I can't use google adwords to promote my youtube vids/channel because, some of my videos have fake likes, and also the youtube account has some fake subs.(a lot)
Is there another way to promote this video without google ads?, are there other PPC networks that can help?Which are reliabe? Without getting my youtube account banned?(because every thing depends on it )

And also, I can't use facebook ads, because i don't have a website.(not needed...)
I've never used facebook autoposters before, I think its about time I started finding one

Advice please
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    Your mindset and your "I can't do this and I can't do that" are limiting your possibilities and opportunities.

    Just because you "don't think it's necessary" to have a web site doesn't mean it's so. That's the first thing I would recommend putting up an easy but professional web site. Every online business should have a home base. Provide value to your prospects and nurture them so you can send offers to them occasionally.

    There are no shortcuts in this business when it comes to doing the basics.

    Right now, you're thinking is flawed.


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    Do you understand what viral means? How do you expect to pitch sales and close hundreds/thousands of emails inquires a day?

    Dental Floss Tycoon

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      Originally Posted by Path Theory View Post

      Do you understand what viral means? How do you expect to pitch sales and close hundreds/thousands of emails inquires a day?
      I know what viral means. But you need to understand that I sell softwares.
      If I don't personally activate each software based on unique id verifcation techniques,
      I'm sure some smart guy will just upload the softwares on file sharing sites / piratebay etc.
      I need to have COMPLETE control over each activated software that is sold.
      When software creators see their products shared on web forums/torrents,
      feels like a stab straight into the Heart!
      It doesn't bother me to get 1000 emails a day.
      I'll work it out
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    1) You should have a website regardless- even if it just a squeeze page to grab their email before sending to the product. That way, if they don't buy, you can continue to promote the product to them via email autoresponder

    2) Waiting for them to take the initiative and contact you by email (curiosity) probably costs you a lot of sales. You should send traffic - facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube- to your squeeze page so you can continue to market to them by autoresponder.

    You want to automate the sales process as much as possible without relying on them sending an email out of curiosity.

    3) Why promote the YouTube vids with paid traffic when you can send the traffic directly to the offer or your squeeze page? YouTube is a traffic source, not a landing page (in your model).

    Bing Ads are more lenient than Google Adwords in their ToS for landing pages.

    Facebook ads are also good paid traffic. You say you can't use FB because you don't have a website- so set one up for $20 so you have a landing page for your paid traffic.

    You have been successful just waiting for random people to email you out of curiosity. Building your offer into a proper sales funnel would probably dramatically increase your sales and reduce your manual email work.

    Depending on your audience, niche and product your landing page could be an opt-in form, an advertorial page (these work well), a sales page or a blog.

    In any case you should be building a list in order to continue to monetize both tire kickers and buyers.
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    I will create a landing page/website, then use both bing ads and facebok ads,
    Hope this goes well
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      Originally Posted by jason cyrus View Post

      I will create a landing page/website, then use both bing ads and facebok ads,
      Hope this goes well
      I think this is great advice. You can also make your website rank #1 for certain keywords and then you get free traffic!
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    First things first, build a website! It actually is necessary you have one, you need to show your potential customers who you are, and building a relationship with them means they need to get to know you and what you offer! So, for starters, get yourself a domain name and set up a website.
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    if you really dont want to have a website, at the very least, setup a facebook page.

    create ads in facebook and google adwords, landing page is your facebook page.

    you can then build up your own community with that facebook page.
    facebook give higher priority with cheaper cost when promoting facebook page.

    provide product info in your fb page.
    engage your potential and existing customers in your page.
    collect emails using your fb page.
    advertise your fb page using other advertising platform.
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