Joint Venture Contracts (Agreements)

by ep2002
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I'm looking for a couple of JV Contracts or Agreements my client can review & tweak

We don't need software, or anything else, just the contract. My client wants to share advertising costs with another company in his industry.

I've seen JVZoo,com, but they have a whole system which isn't needed & I'm pretty sure this is offline advertising.


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    There are lots of free legal templates you can find online.

    This should not be that big of a problem.

    I would suggest that you get a clear written understanding with your partner.

    Figure out what you will be doing and figure out what they will be doing.

    Also, figure out what is expected from you and what is expected from the other person.

    Also, agree on how to resolve disputes.

    You have to understand that if you assume that disputes will not happen, guess what, chances are they will happen.

    It is much better to be prepared going in rather than losing all the money that you gained from the joint venture because of complications that happened down the road.

    There are lots of legal templates, but I do not think that you need something very, very formal.

    You just need something that is well spelled out.

    I would focus on who owns intellectual property or if there is going to be some sort of client list generated, who owns that asset?

    Good luck with your joint venture!

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    Thank you. I've passed this along to my client.

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      Here's an example of an agreement that seems fairly simple that will give you the types of questions you could answer in your own form. If you are so inclined, it's best to get competent professional legal assistance, especially if there are questions, large amounts of money or property at stake, or if the two parties can't seem to come to terms.

      The very best to you,


      Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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