Adsense Vs Infolinks - Can you use them togheter? What is your experience?

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today I found out about infolinks. I already use adsense on 1 website and the max I get is less what I pay for hosting...

can I use infolinks toguether with adsense? this is my first question...

have any1 used infolinks? what is your experience? is it better than adsense? the idea of having inline text links sounds much better than adsense...
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    Just give it a try and test the results.

    Also, If you are not making any money with adsense, it could be your content is not that good. or not targeted enough and adsense is serving ads that would not be of interest or benefit your audience.


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      Infolinks pays out far less than adsense. You're not going to get more than pennies per click with them.

      If possible i would switch to an affiliate program or cost per lead program where you get paid per sale or email opt-in. Depending on your niche/market, that's more likely to convert BUT it's all also contingent on your traffic.
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    Yes, they can work together, why? (Because Im been using together for 4 year in one of my website)

    Google Adsense is Bassically banner and Infolinks is Contextual Text Links.
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