San Francisco or New York

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Where do you guys think has more opportunity for internet marketer? If you have a choice, where would you live? East coast or west coast?
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    I'll respond because I love both cities, but no longer live in either!

    I'm from San Fran. Was born there and grew up there. While I no longer reside there, I love it and am there on business quite frequently. As for "internet marketing", it depends what you're doing. It's close proximity (,~40 minute drive depending on traffic) to the Silicon Valley could be a "plus". there's certainly a lot of VC there. Also, If you're looking for "vibe" consider downtown San Jose (7th and Julien area) as you'd be living among other like minded Internet geeks.

    As for New York, assuming by that you mean NYC, Ive lived there too. It's a different animal then San Fran. Really, you can't compare the two. If you're looking for start up opportunity, there's some good tech going on in Manhatten in a neighborhood called "West Village" - feeling much like the west coast. NYC is the financial capital of the world. As one might expect, VC can be had in NYC, too.

    When I lived there, I was in the borough of Brooklyn in a neighborhood called "Bedford-Stuyvescent" and I loved it. "Bed-Stuy" in a funky up and coming hood, which I like.

    I'd say you travel to BOTH cities and see what fits you and go with it. If by "IM" you mean doing business much like lots of us here do, it's not region specific really and either would suit you fine.

    Other things to consider.....

    1. BOTH those areas are amongst the most expensive in the country so you should be prepard for that.
    2. San Fran has way better weather than NYC in my opinion
    3. NYC public transit (subway, bus, taxi) beats the pants off that on San Fran. NYC subways and busses go farther, run 24 hours, and is cheaper. (San Fran has Bart and we call it FART because it doesn't go everywhere, stops at midnight and it outrageously expensive to use). NY public transit is efficient. California falls short.
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    Originally Posted by Knightsofusa View Post

    Where do you guys think has more opportunity for internet marketer?
    For an internet marketer, you can choose to live anywhere in the world! Your physical location, when you're making a living online, doesn't really matter, in my opinion.
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    As slade says above, does it really matter?

    Unless you are doing offline marketing, that is, and want to offer services on a face to face basis.
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