How to use your mind in your favor

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Hey guys, I see a lot of tips talking about the how to practical tips about online success, but I wanted to share what my old mentor used to teach me on how to use your mind in your favor.

When I first started out in the internet marketing world I always pondered on what makes the difference between the successful and unsuccessful internet marketer. And I discovered that the biggest difference between the successful and the unsuccessful is their mind-set and the way they think about things. We may have sales problems, traffic problems,ranking problems, conversion problems but I think it all boils down to one thing. The mindset and how you think about this business. I have always thought that to have the correct mindset you have to:

1. Ask yourself why?: Why are you doing this. If your why is strong enough then you will succeed but if you why isn't strong enough then failure may be more likely. For example I invested my time, energy, and money learning about email and affiliate marketing because I wanted to quit the job I hated, make more money and provide for my family. If your why isn't too strong making money online will be too hard.

2. Be prepared for failure- I highly doubt that anyone who has been successful online hasn't failed. Failure is essential to online success because with failure you can find out what you should not do next next time and what you should do. In business you are going to fail, it is what you do with those failures which sets you apart. A lot of people go into the internet marketing world thinking that they will simply put a website up and money will suddenly flow into their bank account. I think those who treat their online business like a real life business are more likely to succeed with their minset than those who don't.

3. Get a mentor: I have always said this but I think a mentor is the greatest tool on how to leverage your mindset on making money online. A lot of people who come into this world come from the physical world where they earn money on a physical basis. A mentor has been where you want to go, and they are there to walk you through every set of the way. I think to many beginners rely on basic courses and bad information. I think if you are really serious about your success you will invest some change into a teach who has been where you are and is at where you want to go.

I think these are great ways to change your mindset and use your mind in your favor.
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    The problem with getting a mentor is that a lot of the mentors in the make money online niche ask for money.

    I think the best mentor would be YOURSELF.

    You have to understand that a lot of mentors would tell you that your results will vary and in many cases, they blame you if you fail.

    Well, if I am going to get blamed for failing to make money online, I would rather fail on my own.

    I hope you get my point.

    The truth is there is just so many resources online.

    The key here is to learn how to focus.

    You do not have to start out with a grand vision of making money online.

    You only need to identify one simple thing that you can do every single day.

    You only need to identify one simple thing that you can devote a lot of your time to.

    Once you are able to focus on these daily tasks, you can make it a ritual and a habit.

    Once you fine-tune your process and you get a certain level of success, you can then turn those daily activities into a profit-making habit.

    There is nothing big about this.

    There is nothing dramatic about it.

    However, it definitely puts dollars on the table.

    That is where you need to start, not necessarily with a mentor or not necessarily with a guru.

    You have to work on yourself first; otherwise, all that money you would have spent on mentors and coaches would have been wasted.

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    Saw your title and had to jump in real fast. man is what you said powerful! Not only keeping the faith but looking for the positive results, solutions and opportunities.

    Also understanding and keep that forward thinking mindset even through rough times when we think the world is going to end. It's preparing us for what comes next. All a learning experience!

    Very cool stuff!
    Working to achieve higher results...
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    Item # 1 , 2 is definitely a must if you want to be an Entrepreneur / Marketer as you'll need a lot of grit in order to succeed and learn the ropes of whatever field you've chosen.

    #3 is not a must but having a legit method at your side will definitely shorten the learning curve on your business. Sometimes the things that mentors will show you are already the things that already know but you just doubt that it will work so they are just there boost your confidence.
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    Very good post Dave. I agree with the 1st and 3rd statement.
    As for being prepared for failure, i disagree as far you accept to fail.
    Yes there will be many drawbacks but it's part of the game.
    I believe that if you focus on your daily actions and after writing down your goals,
    then it will be a matter of time to achieve them.
    You see time is an asset but also an ''evil'' for all of us.
    Because you are struggling to make money online, we set xyz goals in a certain period of time and we are anxious to meet them.
    We forget that each of us have the so called ''learning curve'', that is the adaption and the application of the knowledge and experience we live, is different among us.
    You can be 100% ready to apply the knowledge that you have but you lack of experience and there is the gap between the desired point that you wanna be and the point that you are now.
    We must get more experience so as to apply it to our journey to FREEDOM.
    That's the Trial and Error process while having a tracking system simultaneously.
    I hope this post helped a little bit.
    Best regards,

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      Personally, it is the failures that determine your Success. I very rarely learn from my Successes but I continual learn from my Failures

      - Robert Andrew
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    Exactly, it is all about knowing why you want to do this, what exactly do you want and committing to the hustle, dedication and hard work required to become successful. It is all very simple when you really think about it.
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    this is a very interesting post.
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    'The Master mind' may be defined as: 'coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people for the attainment of a definite purpose.' Napoleon Hill - the ninth key to riches. Indicates Mentor and/or Mastermind group.
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