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Hello Warriors!

Right now I'm driving traffic (PPC ads via Bing) to these two capture pages (split testing them, so they are for the same thing), to get emails, and then they are redirected to the affiliate product.

However, the conversion rates are pretty atrocious.

They are converting at 5.44% and 4.35% respectively.

I'm not quite sure what else to change on them, as they look pretty good to me. I would love some feedback and input from you guys? I'll link to the pages below:



Thank you so much everyone!
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    I think you should lose the "claim your free gift" part and change it to "get this info now!" Or something like that. Just a thought that came to mind...

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    1. They don't tell people how often they'll get what they'll get.

    2. They don't tell people that you're even going to send them emails. You need to give more details, not just say it's weight loss advice.

    3. They don't tell people you're going to sell them stuff to make money.

    4. They are "skinny" pages, i.e. no content whatsoever. Some people just don't like those and want to see some of your advice first. You can add an article on the page so that people can get an idea of the quality of your information, because everyone and their dog has a weight loss website, but most don't offer good advice.

    5. The design is just... off. The colors are off, the text formatting is off, and in general, it looks poorly designed.
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      So I should include that they are going to be directed to an affiliate offer that costs money?

      And should I include a presell article? Or just a general article on weight loss?

      So I should say on the page that I'll be sending them emails about weight loss and what not?

      Is blue not a good color? Should I perhaps be using red? I know that red catches attention, but I thought that blue put people into more of a calm mood, so perhaps they would be more accepting of opting in?

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    I personally like the second landing page with the chick in the bikini, but it might turn some people off.

    The neon blue background in both landing pages is pretty terrible though. I would find a more neutral shade of blue to make them look less amateurish.

    *EDIT* How good are your PPC campaigns and keywords? If you're PPC ad keywords aren't tight then that could be the reason why your conversion is 5%?

    I plan to rule the world.... Starting Monday.

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    On the 2nd capture page, i lose the 'claim your free gift' completely and not replace it with anything at all. You've already asked the question 'do you want to change etc etc starting today ?' then told them how to get started by entering email to the right...done.

    I like the blue part of the page but not the white...see can you include evrything within the blue.

    The 1st capture page, personally i'd change everything about it - not the right lay-out nor the right graphic for the problem or solution you're advertising & solving.

    Just my opinion tho.
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      aside from that if i were you i'd take a look at some of the lead pages of your competitors in this niche and integrate / copy some of their layout and message...generally, the lead players spend big money testing different page layouts before proceeding with a, clearly what they are using is proven to convert.
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