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I am looking at an aged domain which expired this past April which I'm considering purchasing. I would even consider building a site around it as it is a PR2 and very brandable in my niche.

I have done a little research on the topic but have found very little current info. My question is what is the best way to research this domain in terms of it's backlinks profile, history etc. I have read a few articles talking about some of the dangers of buying these types of domains but thought I would throw the question to the warriors to see if I can get some advice. Thanks in advance.
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    Majestic SEO is good for looking at backlink profiles, though I believe you need to be a premium member to view more than 10, which is free.
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  • These domains can be very valuable if used correctly.

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      There's a helpful ebook on this in the War Room right now. You can download it if you are a War Room member.
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      Originally Posted by selfdisciplineacademy View Post

      These domains can be very valuable if used correctly.

      They can also be a quick waste of money and cause you more problems than they're worth.

      They may be linked to banned sites, pornography, even malicious content. The PR can be faked very easily. And the domain name or some part of it, could be infringing upon someone's tradename.

      Aged domains, IMO, are way overrated. Google understands this game. They know when a new owner and a new web site show up on a domain that the new site didn't "earn" that age, those backlinks, or the PR that might be there. They will discount all of it over a short amount of time.

      Google is interested in the user experience. As a result, they want to serve up the most relevant and authoritative sites out there. Your brand new site with a new owner slapped on an old domain isn't going to fool anyone except you when you wonder "where's all the benefit" from this aged domain?


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    Majestic SEO and Ahrefs are the two best in my opinion. There are some other ones out there too such as, or even Alexa..but Ahrefs is great for looking at previous backlinks.
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    I'd say ahrefs or even Google's Webmaster (but I assume you don't have access to anything yes since you don't own it). So, go with ahrefs, my man!
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    So to follow up my question. I did use these sites to research my site and i found the origin of it. It expired on April 3 2015, and right now it shows up in PR checker and others as a PR2 (shows up on godaddy as pr2) ... BUT, With the backlink checkers i used it had zero history or backlinks? Not sure what to make of it?

    I am not a newb in IM but a total newb to aged domians. Any thoughts?
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    First of all, you should really pretty much stop relying on PR. Google has not updates public PR data in over 18 months now. The information is not just old. It is ancient when it comes to online marketing and SEO.

    Second, if you are looking at PR, PageRank comes 100% from incoming links. If there are no links, there is no PR.

    This sounds like a good example of what old data will show you. If Google was still updating the public data regularly, this would likely show up as a PR n/a or PR 0, assuming there really are no links.
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      Originally Posted by MikeFriedman View Post

      First of all, you should really pretty much stop relying on PR. Google has not updates public PR data in over 18 months now.
      Has it been that long already? wow!
      And, yeah, I second this, PR is irrelevant, don't rely on it at all!
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    Why an aged domain?
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    Be very, very cautious of the backlinks before buying an aged domain. Bad backlinks can be more harmful than no backlinks. And trying to disavow all bad backlinks may be more effort than it is worth.
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    Don't buy a domain just for PR.

    When I buy aged domain, I check following things:
    1) Is that on topic or brandable?
    2) How aged is the domain?
    3) Was it dropped before? You can see this data via
    4) Archive checking via
    5) Link checking via

    If a domain does not have huge backlinks and was not used for porn industry then there should not be a problem typically. Though, there could be much things behind but you can't know everything until you jumped into the water.

    I do regular domaining and I use for finding expiring domains.
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    Keep an eye on GoDaddy auctions... they often have aged domains with high pr. But u would need to short list the domains that interest u, then drill down further based on domain age and pr. Use bulk domain age finder sites (google it) to determine their age. Use bulk PR finder tools (freely available, google it) to determine their PR. I know, takes some time to do research n all. But that's how I would do it if i had to do it manually.
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    Originally Posted by freemen14 View Post

    I am looking at an aged domain which expired this past April which I'm considering purchasing. I would even consider building a site around it as it is a PR2 and very brandable in my niche.
    This is just a domain name, isn't it? You're not buying a website. Also, PR is useless and has been useless for a long time now. I'm not an SEO expert, but I'm pretty sure if there's no website there, any links that were pointing to it, are now broken, and that's not good. You'd also have to audit the existing links and determine the quality. The links could be garbage.

    I think you'd have to disclose more details for any one of us to give you a proper answer. From what little details you've posted, I'd advise you to stay away...especially if the cost of the expired domain is considerable.

    Remember that domain names are intrinsically worthless. They're only worth as much as you are willing to pay for them. So be careful when weighing your decision.
    I'd rather tell you an ugly truth than a pretty lie.
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  • freemen14, I used to do everything manually the old fashioned way - it took forever (seriously, forever) but it was the only way to really be sure that I was getting a site that had a good history in regards to: Moz stats, Majestic stats, Wayback snapshots, SPAM, geo location history & keyword history.

    Some SEO guys I know designed an incredible crawler that gathers all that info for you & lets you compare a bunch of sites at once, then buy the one you want for a song! Not to mention that it also lets you rebuild your site with archive files from the wayback snapshot of your choice. Never going back to the old way again. Check it out: domainreanimator (dot) com.

    Good luck brother!
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