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From the point of view of a football betting tipster who has a website and a sizable email list the traditional method to monetize this would be to put affiliate links to bookmakers on the website and to a much smaller extent to charge customers for tips.

The UK Gambling commission released survey results that show that of people who had gambled in the previous 4 weeks 74% of them had 'gambled in person only', in other words of those people who bet on sports they went into a bookmakers shop not the companies website.

What is the best way for a sports tipping website to monetize this segment of their email list without charging for tips (assuming that their on site strategy for directing people to sign up to bookmakers sites is well designed and implemented)?
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    Have you considered creating any (digital) goods?
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      Originally Posted by beiter View Post

      Have you considered creating any (digital) goods?

      Could you give me an example?
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    Charging for tips is what I've seen most similar websites doing. Well, charging for "picks" I should say more than tips. While lots of people might be doing it in person, there is still a percentage doing it online. Not to mention, not all of the traffic hitting your website may be from the same country as you.

    If you don't want to charge for tips and you don't want to promote bookmakers then you could have a couple options..As the previous poster mentioned, offer a digital product (such as an eBook over sports betting). You could also look more into the niche of fantasy sports betting. Lots of people do fantasy stuff and the online fantasy stuff has really taken off over the years (at least here in the US)...There are lots of sites like FanDuel, DraftKings, DraftDay..etc and these give people the ability to play in fantasy sports tournaments in case they aren't playing in any locally (or, even if they are lol)
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    Thanks for that fpforum.

    There are a lot of tipster websites/forums that not enough people are willing to pay for tips.

    I can't charge for an ebook as the reason my list is so big is that I offer a lot of free high quality content.

    Fantasy sports is a possibility but I have checked out the 2 main competitors in my part of the world for the most popular sport they both have good websites with a great free and paid content mix and they are not making much money (for soccer).

    There might be a gap in the market for rugby but I don't know anything about that and it's too technical to bullshit about.

    I do promote sportsbooks but I am trying to figure out ways to monetise the segment of my mailing list that does not bet online.
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      Any ideas on apps that sports bettors would find useful (excluding odds comparison websites) as it is above my level and budget and the market in my area is dominated by oddschecker?
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