Would this method make $100 per day with clickbank?

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Hi, I have sold my wife on making money with clickbank. Basically this is the plan for her:

1. Find top 20 women forums that allow signatures

2. Participate in all those forums daily

3. Add signature to her blog, example: myweightlossjourney(or similiar)

4. On the blog have weekly updates with links to the diet she is using (old school new body)

5. When they click on the link (leadpages pop up will ask for email to access diet)

6. Once they complete that will be redirect to vendor

7. 15 email follow up every day

8. exit pop up with redirect to vendor for those that don't opt in

9. The only traffic source would be women forums through signatures

Is this a viable plan for $100 per day, and assuming she posts around 100 posts spread out between those 20 forums, how long do you think it will be to hit $100 days?
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    It looks good other than #7 unless I'm misunderstanding you?

    Don't send them 15 emails a day.

    How long? However long it takes. It's a solid plan, could take a week, could take 3 months.

    Could take a year if you don't have the skills to quickly pull all those aspects together.

    I would add doing some keyword research and getting the blog optimized for the search engines.

    You'll set yourself up for more profits later when you convert enough visitors to start buying traffic.
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    Yep, its one email per day
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      don't ask us,

      Just do it, it is the only way you will know for sure


      "Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work." Thomas Edison

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    It can be done, it's a bit longer process because you need to have minimum 100 posts on each forum to post your signature.. And the bigger the profile credibility you have the higher are chances that people will buy some of your products. Just don't spam forums, answer on people's threads with real answers.

    Best regards,

    CPA Beyond

    AM at CPA Beyond - #1 Private Network - Daily Payments (No Fees)

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      It will take a bit of work to get to the $100/day or $36,500/year mark.

      With a target like that she may want to consider starting with the forum posting.

      And as that builds momentum and there are sales coming in, then re-investing into driving paid traffic as well.

      Forum posting works and the traffic is targeted, but you should always look for ways to leverage your time and money.
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        I really admire those managed to earn a Constant 100 dollars per day.

        is HARD to be frank.

        for most IM here I doubt can do that .....I mean at least 100 per day.

        a lot of factors , etc to do that.

        I still learning here , seriously i doubt many WR members can managed to do that .
        Only minority

        back to the question yup it take a long of times and constant follow

        they view your post counts .

        if your post counts low and start promote . They will skip from you
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    Put it this way . . . it's not a bad part of a method.

    She'll be posting for 6 months or more before she sees $100/ day. You're on the right track, though. If I were you, I'd concentrate on other ways to generate traffic, and if you do go the forum route, generate targeted traffic from Google-placed forum posts (as opposed to spending all day participating).


    I Coach: Learn More | My Latest WF Thread: Dead Domains/ Passive Traffic

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    It would really depend on how the readers in the forum respond the offers she has in her signature.

    When the offer is highly targeted to the audience, the more sales can be obtained.
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    Nobody can tell how long would it take, it depends on how determined your wife is, her contribution on those 20 forums has to be a good one! That takes effort and time. Her blog, the one in the signatures, has to offer great information, so quality content is a must! That also takes time and effort to write. And so on, and so forth.. Good luck, by the way! Do tell us if this works out well for ya!
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    It's not easy to get free traffic from forums as what some wso or free pdf write. You need to test and optimize your signature text again and again.
    If you want to build a list, you have to optimize your squeeze page, follow up emails, too.
    No one can tell you exactly result of your plan. Start immediately, you can learn some potential things that no one would teach you here.

    Good Luck!
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