Best Practice to avoid Penality without Updating Content on Blog

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Good Day Everyone,

I have a blog on a premium domain, where I published a couple of articles and could not post anything else in months. Now I have some other priorities before coming back to this project in future. What can be better option to keep clean history for the domain and avoid update penalty, considering I have very thin content on blog and not going to update for a while??

1) Leave Blog as it is.

2) Take down content and put coming soon page.

3) Delete DNS, so google knows that nothing exists for a while on domain.

Thanks for helping..
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    I'd go with option 4- hire a writer and have him/her post one article per week. That way Google and people are happy, plus your visibility improves as well.

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  • Leave the blog as it is...

    New visitors can still benefit from old content

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