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Hello Warriors,
I would like to know about RSS? What is its importance?

Thanks in Advance.
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    Every morning while I'm drinking my coffee, using the Sage plugin with Firefox, I go through 35 different RSS newsfeeds in the morning. I don't have to go to each website to see if it's been updated, or search through it looking for the new content. It gets delivered to me, when I want it.

    On the other hand, email newsletters that come in through the day, may get downloaded and saved for later, but if I'm just too busy, I may just delete them and my inbox is full -- the last thing I need is more stuff I'm not going to have a chance to read.

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    People don't really use RSS readers anymore, but at one time it was a way you could "subscribe" to websites and receives updates (new posts) without having to visit the website. For example, you could add the RSS into Outlook and read the posts directly in there.

    Lots of online websites still like RSS because it feeds them data nicely. That's why search engines probably prefer XML sitemaps over HTML sitemaps these days.
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    I stopped using the RSS feed a long time ago, I don't find it has any relevance anymore, but then again, some people do still use it. Personally, I prefer to just subscribe to newsletters to receive updates on what's new on various websites I follow.
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