Producing Lightroom Presets Freelance

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Hello, my friends! I'm back again with another question which I simply cannot find an answer to myself. Thanks again for all the input from my last post concerning what compensation to ask for when it comes to product reviews. Actually that aspect of my work is going really well and has lead me to my current situation:selling Adobe Lightroom presets.

If you're not familiar with the idea, photographic presets allow you to simplify editing photos by using "one-click" presets which apply a range of processing adjustments instantaneously to an image. Think Instagram.... Anyway, I have an opportunity to be part of a great website expansion which involves the production and sale of these presets. Unfortunately, I have found no information from anyone on what range of compensation is acceptable for this kind of work. As always I want to be fair.

The job will involve creating lets say 100 presets. Each preset I make will involve me setting image adjustments to achieve a desired effect and saving them and finally sending them all to my editor. Should I ask for a lump sum for the hundred presets? Anyone here have any ideas or know someone who has done this before?

Thanks in advance!
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