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1) Do not promote something that you have not checked out. Example: one major ezine publisher likes to announce a large media event all the time. You supposedly sign up for a free teleseminar and this leads to high-ticket media purchasing, etc. The problem is it leads nowhere. You can call, email, etc. the host of this media circus, and get nothing as emails bounce and links go nowhere, calls have endless menus with nothing to offer at all. The resources given in the teleseminar itself do not pan out, either. When you call, you either get dead lines or phone menus telling you to visit a website that has again, nothing to offer: no place to purchase ads, sponsors, nothing. Just a page that tells how expenses have gone up and you need to have an enormous budget to work with them now, with no indications of price or how to follow up. Pointless. Yet it appears quite frequently and after repeated attempts, I quit trying. No idea what all the promo is about, since it leads nowhere but to a free teleseminar that repeats yet offers nothing of value (see above); no idea what the ezine publisher gets out of this …

Test, people. No one wants game-playing or rude sellers.

2) Do not promote the same thing that has come out in every other ezine this past week. Everyone has heard of the major promos. Just seeing it in your ezine means I already hit delete. I mean really: would you want Newsweek, Time Magazine, USAToday, CNN and all media sources showing the exact same article in the main sponsor spot at the same time? Move on. Promote that later and under a totally new angle. Please. Or just delete me in advance before you send, and save me the trouble.

If Britney Spears or some other well-known person tripped, would you really want to read about this all over the place – the exact same story? Yes, these big kick offs get like that to many people after repeated hashing. Please – use common sense and move on. Please.

3) Share NEWS, stories without affiliate links. Seriously. I write all the time about my students, clients, etc. Doesn’t anyone have similar stories to add in their ezines? Even mini-case studies or something? A lesson to share? Who needs an overview of a Clickbank salespage as “content?” We’re IMers. Please move along.

4) ??? OK, what don’t you want to see? Anyone? Let’s make a list here…..
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    Word for Word launch pre-written email.

    I know marketers prepare these in advance and if you're an affiliate, you could use them because that's what they're designed to do.

    But receiving the same two (or more) emails from multiple marketers about the launch word for word gets old fast.
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    Yeah. It's called affiliate marketing and most affiliates either do not know how or do not have the time to alter the info they got from the affiliate panel of whatever program they signed up to promote. This means that they send to their list the same exact or very close to what everyone else is sending out to their lists.

    I just look at the quality of the overall content each list I signup to has and if it doesn't cut the mustard I unsubscribe. I also skip over the parts I do not care about or is affiliate promotions just like every other list sends out. I choose what I read and don't.

    My thoughts on topics like this is if you don't like the quality of content you are getting, unsubscribe. I don't mind the promotions at all I just don't read them.. LOL

    - Terry
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