Do you still buy IM books in WF?

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I'm asking because, do you believe there 's that secret sauce hidden in these books and info products you can never get online for free? Or is every trick and technique available everywhere somewhere on the internet for free?
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    Yep. I still buy the occasional wso depending on the subject. I wouldn't say there is one "secret sauce". What I've discovered is that you can get interesting results and ideas by splicing one marketing technique with another. And yes, I think you can find just about any information online for free. The problem in most cases is actually finding it and finding it complete.
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    Yes, i do.

    Yes, you may find some info already taught before. But as time goes by, you'll learn some new "twist" of the old strategy. Which is really useful.
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    A lot of it is online for free. I haven't bought any WSOs from here, but if I were going to, it would only be for the sake of saving time. Say if a known expert distilled all there is to know about a subject. That would be worth paying $$ for since time is money.

    I think any 'secret sauce' is going to be some exploit that won't work for long.

    On the whole, you get what you pay for.

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  • What the person meant is that sometimes a single WSO may not reveal "everything" in that niche or topic.

    Oftentimes, one WSO and it's techniques when combined with another WSOs techniques could make you money. You could take the ideas from one product, and the ideas from tons of others and put them together to create your own little business.

    . Hard work, proper time management, working on something that is proven, and actually taking action are all things to remember when you buy any product. Put them all to good use.
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    Yes my man, you'll always be able to buy IM products !

    That is how we make the $$$, and let me tell you something that will come across weird to a lot of marketers around ....the secret sauce is not in the products you buy.

    The only secret sauce there is is you. You see dreams don't work unless you do.
    The same way infoproducts won't work unless you do.

    As a result you can only deduct that there is only one secret sauce: you.
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    Yes.. I purchase IM products and I will always purchase IM products as long as the sellers provide value. I have learned a lot from IM products which i've implemented online and I have also been able to sell a lot based on the knowledge and experience I've acquired.

    Do I believe in a secret sauce... no... and I don't view these products from that angle either. I do believe in learning from other marketers testing and experience and building upon what they share in their products.
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