can someone help me with guidance,anything

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hi,i would really like to earn money online,it became my opsesion,the more i try the less results i see,i read this forum and all other forums and youtube search online and i cant find anything to earn me atleast 1 cent.. i feel like i am dumb,why i cant earn anything?

i am not native english speaker,sorry about my grammar and post,it might look funny to native english reader

i basicly dont have any idea on how to earn money online

i tryed everything i could think of,pay to click sites,mechanic turk,freelancing,fiver,tryed to open my website and i couldnt sign up with adsense,i worked hard on website and add content all the time,then i tried making apps for android and noone downloads it,3 different apps,so i give up on that also,i tried promoting clickbank and without succes,i watched all these videos and learn alot and know alot in theory but when it comes to earning money online i only spent my money,last in desperate i tried casinos and sport betting,and lost there too,i tried sport arbiting and lost there too,so is there any way for me to earn money or will i be loser for the rest of my life?

can someone help me with advice where to start earning money online because i am lost,i dont know where to start again..

my goal is to earn enough to quit my dayjob and earn only from online buisness.
but right now i would be happy if i would earn dollar a day just to prove myself that i can do it.
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    Lot of those methods you mentioned could be great ways to start earning money online. I think your problem is that your suffering of the Shiny Object Syndrome: you see a guide promising to teach you a method that will make you rich quickly, you buy it, try to implement it, results don't come quickly so you quit and start again with a new shiny method.
    All the methods on your list could last a lifetime for someone to master and scale all of them. There is no such thing as overnight success. Choose a method which is a right fit for your personal skills, knowledge, experience, dive into that method. Instead of implementing a guide to the letter, try to understand why and how that method should work, understand the system. Then start implementing it, fail and try again, optimize constantly, then scale it up when results start coming.

    The key is sticking to one method and mastering it, instead of jumping from one thing to another all the time.
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    It takes a lot of work to really funnel customers to your affiliate links. I recommend you stick to only one hotselling product.

    For example, promote venusfactor from clickbank. You may want to get a lot of followers in twitter and promote them your affiliate link every once in a while. While doing that, you may want to invest in your education first.

    Having the right information then acting on it on a massive scale will bring in a day job killing income that most people are aiming for.
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    • I agree with not getting sucked into Shiny Object Syndrome. Its easy to do with all the info that's out there. I recommend finding something you actually like and stick with it. This could mean trying several different things before you find something that resonates with you. Don't be afraid to fail. When you find that one thing, stick with it and learn everything you need to know about it until you succeed with it. Its easier said than done. It takes time. That's why its important to stick to something you actually like.

      So you've tried several things already. Did you like one of those more than any of the others? If so, go back to that one thing and keep working at it. Or go back to that one niche and find something you might want to do within that niche. For example, I like online advertising. But there are many things within that market that I could do, so I had to find one thing, which meant trying a few things, and then stick to that one. But at least I knew, from trying and failing, what market I wanted to be in. Hope this helps.
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    You need to keep it simple.

    The situation you find yourself in is a very common one. You have the energy and the passion. You just lack the exact blueprint for a business. What I'd suggest you do is consider a simple, proven system, and work on it until you make it pay off.

    1. Identify a problem.
    2. Write part of a solution.
    3. Package that part of a solution behind a squeeze page (making it a freebie).
    4. Build traffic platforms on socials (FB, G+, Twitter).
    5. Provide an even smaller part of a solution via articles and videos.
    6. Drive traffic from socials, video, forums.

    One of the easiest and most effective ways to make money is with "content upgrades." You identify a problem and you provide part of the solution (in a video, in an article). To get more of the solution, people join your newsletter. Using a decent sales funnel, you provide that bit more of a solution, but you also (at the time of subscription) offer ways to enhance that part (affiliate offers). After this, you setup autoresponders to add more to the provided freebie. This warms up your new subscribers. You then re-market with complete solutions and solutions of a related nature, all the while adding freebie content juxtaposed with the re-marketing.

    A simple example:

    1. Youtube Video (Part of the solution).
    2. Squeeze > Freebie (More of a solution).
    3. Splash (offers to enhance solution).
    4. Follow-Up helpful emails.
    5. Re-marketing (Complete and Related solutions).

    Content upgrades and re-marketing provide a stable business. And the basic structure I've given you will be enough to get you on the right track. If you'd like to get earning quicker, use PPL (pay per lead) offers, since these are easier to convert for a beginner.

    Best of luck.


    I Coach: Learn More | My Latest WF Thread: Dead Domains/ Passive Traffic

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    First of all get rid of the negative mindset, calling yourself loser69 isn't a very positive statement to make bout yourself or your thinking process. Read about the laws of attraction an develope a positive mindset.

    Second, you have tried 100 different things (nearly) and none of them worked. That's because you tried 100 different things an didn't take the time to learn any of them. You need to choose a single direction an follow it, one method of IM an learn everything you can about that one method. That is the way you become an expert on any subject, including Internet Marketing. You don't need to buy expensive courses, you can learn from others in forums such as this WF, or from searching the internet on your chosen subject.

    I would advise you to start with Affiliate marketing an concentrate on it until you are successful. Learn how to use YouTube for free promotion of Affiliate products, it is the 2nd largest search engine an owned by the largest search engine - Google.
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      Originally Posted by LindyUK View Post

      First of all get rid of the negative mindset, calling yourself loser69 isn't a very positive statement to make bout yourself or your thinking process.
      Then again - self-awareness is a beautiful thing.

      Cheers. - Frank
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    No offense intended but I'd start with a change in your username. Contact the helpdesk and they can help you.

    Not sure why anyone would pick that name and then come here asking for help in winning online.

    About 90% or more of any success is mindset. Things like confidence, self-esteem, making proper decisions and then doing them, overcoming procrastination and laziness, etc. The name Loser69 does not show the kind of mindset required to win and so it may not matter what anyone shares as far as tips, etc.

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    You need to find a business that not only earns you money but provides you knowledge and education so that you can start gaining confidence over you. Every business takes sometime to start paying, so find one and stick to it. Before finalising on one business use your intellect to see if that is going to give you life long return or not. Then work 8-12 months whole-heartedly and relax. In those 8-12 months you would have built sufficient passive income to feel free since its already flowing to you every month. Then you can take it slow and grow from there.
    Again income is just one part, you need to have a strong personality to live a rich and fulfilling life plus customers also get attracted to confident entrepreneurs. Wish you luck!
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    I know a man who is making around $12000 per month in affiliate income. Of every 12 campaigns he does in Adwords, 10 make $0. The other 2 make around $200 each. Most people run out of money or optimism before they get to that point. He also had a background of 7 years in corporate advertising. I hope this gives you some perspective.
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    It seems to me that you're trying too many things at once. There's so many ways of earning money online, but not all of them are suitable for everyone. You have to find something you're truly interested into and passionate about and really commit to it. You're not giving yourself and your business ideas enough time to grow and evolve, that's why you have a constant feeling of failing.
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    I personally make most of my income online through book/eBook publishing. I developed a course to teach other how to do this too (in my signature if you want to check it out). It really is a great business model for internet entrepreneurs as I have the course setup where you could outsource everything if you wish and just "manage" your business. I also like having a real money producing asset which I also show how to cast a wide distribution net.

    As for other way, many have already touched on. But, I also personally do:
    1. Adsense
    2. Amazon Associates
    3. Affiliate Marketing (I learned a lot from Mark Ling's AffilioBlueprint)

    Just to name a few. Good luck!
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      You really need to go out there and earn that first buck. Do anything !

      I know this is against the grain thinking but even if it is filling out a Paid Survey.

      Just do it.

      This will get you motivated, consciously and subconsciously.

      I know it helped me tremendously when I earned my first dollar over 7 years ago.

      - Robert Andrew

      Nothing to see here including a Sig so just move on :)

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        first of all thank you everybody for asnwering here,you really gave me hope and i read alot of usefull info on here,yes i am on all making money strategies at once,i dont have patience,regarding my username i couldnt even register here,i tried to register many times and didnt get confirmation email,finaly i wrote on my last attempt loser69 i was really frustrated at that time,after 3 or 4 days i got email (gmail)

        currently i have google app developer licence i buyed it for 25$ and made 3 apps with software i payed for that software as well (should i promote this and try with admob? )

        also i still have 2 month old site with around 10 visits a day,when i tried really hard at start i had 25 per day,but i spent 6 to 8 hours a day on it at that time (backlinks,twitter facebook and seo)the site is about life hacks and tricks (should i stick to it and try to get adsense? )

        and i am thinking about sport arbitring or affiliate marketing again.(i tried bonus bagging before and barrely got out alive,i dont blame the seller,i am not from u.k or ireland and he targeted specifically these countries)

        i tried paid surveys but none for my country,i checked for days,i really can say that i tried lots of things,and yes you are right i am not positive thinker on this,first few bucks would change everything.

        i have around 300 email list,but didnt knew how to send mass mails,i tryed different programs and none worked,sendblaster,group mail etc.nothing works,so whatever i start i get on an obstacle that i cannot get pass

        i really think if i would be from internet and computer for month or 2 i would be focused on what i want and what i can do and i think i could earn something,too many infos is around my head right

        i know this is buisness forum and i didnt came here to get cry or whine about mney,everyone has it own problems,so i dont ask for shortcuts or easy way out,just something,little tiny word from you can give me idea on how to remove the "thing" that is blocking me from earning money,i know its inside me the problem since with these strategies others earn and me not

        if i go into affiliate again i will need hosting domain for landing page and i should target this landing page only on one product?
        so i would get email list from my landing page?
        i would sell it from time to time to my email list?
        what software to use to send emails?

        i have millions of questions and i am very confused but i wont molest you anymore and drag this i hope i will get some more answers
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            PLEASE STOP THE MADNESS!!!!!

            Start with ONLY ONE thing: Email List Building <<<< Essential PERIOD!


            1 - Learn to drive traffic.
            a. PPC > Bing, Google
            b. YOUTUBE Videos
            c. Facebook

            What to sell? NOTHING - Give away for free and get their email! In order to learn to make money from traffic, you need to learn to get an email. If you can't get one email - you can't get a dollar. You want to make 100,000 a year? Then first get 100,000 emails. When you can get that, you have no reason not to be able to make $100,000 or a million with a $10 profit item.

            This is the simple and micro IM plan of action.

            The reason this is the best way is because with this positive foundation, you can practically do every other thing on your list and then some with great success! Then you will be a winner!

            You need to start the right way in IM. If not, you'll finish up the way you started = 0.

            With a list, and the knowledge of how to build a list quickly, no matter what happens down the road, your ongoing list building should keep money rolling in to you. This is the bread and butter of the business. Without it, your running on fumes.
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    well start wit getting like WP Profit Builderor something else to build landing pages with.

    then promote...

    start building a list with aweber or mailchimp...
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    I really feel sorry for you

    May I suggest that you start by changing your name (if that's even possible on here?) from "loser" to something a bit more upbeat and positive?

    I know you feel really down in the dumps, but you came on here looking for guidance, and that's a good step in the right direction.

    But what is essential is also changing your mindset, from that of one of being a "loser" to one that you are going to be successful.

    Positive energy that you exude will attract positive things into your life - try it!

    Next: do you have some type of skill, or anything that your'e good at? What do you know how to do that someone else doesn't? For immediate income, that is where you should start.

    Blogging and sending emails are good - but you have to have a good command of the English language in order to do that, unless you outsource all your writing (but it costs money, and unless you really have a firm grasp of where you want to go with your business it won't really help you much).
    Are you a newbie who would love to learn how to start making money online? Boy, do I have a free report for you!
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      hello,its me again,i started a buisness site,like you guys said ,something i like,and i got rid of that shiny sindrom,many times i have seen and got idea about something that i thought i could earn money from,then i remembered this topic and you guys telling me about that shiny sindrom.

      i started a buisness, and i spent on it 240$ and actually got back from it 111.95$

      so i am in loss for 6th month 128.05$ but i consider it will mature and eventualy give me big profits.

      today on 1.7 i spent aditional 60$ to upgrade my site and earned 2$

      all in all i am earning,yes i am in loss,but i am earning actual money,i couldnt be more happy,i hope i will go in profit this month as i expect around 100$ expenses but expect around 100$ or 150$ profit,will post it here..

      thank you all
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        Looks like you may be making progress!

        If I may ask, what are you spending $100 a month on? And what exactly did you have to pay $60 to upgrade your site for?

        Also from my calculations you've been at this new site a few weeks not 6 months, right?


        PS I still suggest changing your username.

        Originally Posted by loser69 View Post

        hello,its me again,i started a buisness site,like you guys said ,something i like,and i got rid of that shiny sindrom,many times i have seen and got idea about something that i thought i could earn money from,then i remembered this topic and you guys telling me about that shiny sindrom.

        i started a buisness, and i spent on it 240$ and actually got back from it 111.95$

        so i am in loss for 6th month 128.05$ but i consider it will mature and eventualy give me big profits.

        today on 1.7 i spent aditional 60$ to upgrade my site and earned 2$

        all in all i am earning,yes i am in loss,but i am earning actual money,i couldnt be more happy,i hope i will go in profit this month as i expect around 100$ expenses but expect around 100$ or 150$ profit,will post it here..

        thank you all
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  • Change your name buddy you're not a loser. I know how you feel because starting off trying to make money online can be challenging when there's so many methods.

    But something you should try to do is stick to one thing and become an expert on one thing.

    Something that has worked for me is email marketing. You can see really great results with any of the methods you mentioned though.

    Check this program that I signed up for. I made a little money the same day signed up and it's good for starters. MyEmailMentor
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    You're probably getting tired of hearing this, but change your user name

    Like many other people said, this business is mostly mindset... 80% mindset and 20% mechanics, in my opinion. The reason I say that is because it will take a pretty serious dedication and discipline for you to stick with it UNTIL you have the results.

    As I'm sure you know, this is not like a job... but if a job is what you're used to it can be difficult to get over the fact that you're spending hours of your time on your business and not making any profits back immediately. But you have to think long term... think like a business owner.

    This business is not as difficult as many people make it out to be. There are only a few things to focus on.

    1. Build Your List.
    2. Nurture That List and market products to them

    If you have zero budget for paid advertising, then I recommend you start creating content. Create content around 2 main things.

    1-- Pump out as much valuable training as you can. You mentioned that you have taken a lot of courses so you have knowledge in your head. It's time to create videos and blog posts that TEACH what you know. This will brand you, over time, as the expert, the leader that people want to work with and buy from.

    2-- Buyer keywords. People are searching for reviews on various products everyday...these people are in buyer mode. They are looking for someone to give them a reason to buy. So whatever you are promoting, create content around that. Target keywords like "x product scam, x product review, x product bonus"...

    The results will not come overnight, but when you become laser focused on one marketing method and one business model, over time all of the small results will start to compound and create results that are bigger and bigger.

    Understand that the only real way is to quit. As long as you're moving forward, you are successful... just not on the scale that you want to be just yet. When you get your first lead, CELEBRATE THAT! When you make your first dollar, CELEBRATE THAT!

    Again, decide on ONE business model, ONE marketing method, and give it all you've got UNTIL you have the results that you want. I blogged and did videos daily for almost a year before I saw any income, and now I'm at a point where I'm making upwards of $600 in a single day.

    It's because I refused to let my self-doubts get in the way. I just kept rocking, kept moving forward. I knew that what I was doing was going to start working eventually.

    Here's what I do on a daily basis...

    1. Create a video
    2. Create a blog post.
    3. Email my list.
    4. And now that I have a budget for paid advertising, I create and tweak my PPC campaigns.

    Just simplify the business. Don't over-complicate it and don't allow yourself to become overwhelmed. In the beginning, you are starting with little to no budget like I did. So you don't have the ability to leverage money to scale your business. That's OK... you will need to replace that with time, hustle, and a serious dedication.

    I hope that helps!

    PS - Seriously change your user name... it breaks my heart
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    Maybe put in your sig line "the winner formerly known as loser69"? LOL

    Hopefully your newest venture will continue to grow...if you give it a chance and don't keep bouncing around
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    Change your name and be quitter.

    Quit whining
    Quit feeling sorry for youself
    Quit thinking negatively, because you'll eventually turn people off.

    Will Smith has a great business philosoohy an you should watch his videos.

    That's the type of business mindset you need to make it, not whinning.

    God bless, my friend!

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    Yes, I saw that you had to send a message via the help desk. I did that, and was told that I can't change my username, but I was free to make a whole new account if I wanted to.
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    "Loser69", you're getting great, valuable advice here. I hope you seriously digest this and make positive moves forward. But first things first...get rid of that username! Onward and upward...
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