What would you choose? Confused.

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Hey guys. Just was interesting what would you choose and why. Really need your help.
1. Buy a ready website on Flippa that already generates money.
2. Buy starter sites, monetize them, drive traffic and then sell.
3. Get a mentor (one-on-one coaching).
4. Buy adsense websites over here on WF.

Thanks a lot.
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    Investment amount isn't any issue? if not then buy th site which has existin traffic and already generates money
    Starter sites can be purchased at low cost but you will hav to work over it. If u'r interested in starter site, i may b of help.
    I never believe in one on one coachin as u can learn a lot through other ways and utilise ur money better...on the job training also earns u income.
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    1) You might get ripped off since there are so many fake income claims

    2) Many of these starter sites use duplicate content so good luck getting traffic from search engines. Also, the quality of these sites tend to be very low.

    3) You have to ask for solid proof of niche dominance or a past track record of success (backed up by evidence like tax records) Too many 'fake it till you make it' gurus and coaches out there.

    4) Those are worthless if they use duplicate content

    The answer? NONE OF THE ABOVE

    If I were you, I'd read the resources here and experiment until you're able to produce conversions. After that, you only need to scale up.
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      5. Build your own sites and/or blogs - so you know how they are put together and how to work with them.

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    Instead of selecting any of those options, invest money in learning specific skill become expert in that specific skill and then you will have clear idea of what you can do and what you should do next to build your own business
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    None of your examples. Learn a proven method of building an email list of subscribers. Build a relationship with them so that they become loyal to you. Establish yourself as an authority using your own authentic 'voice'. You can't just buy that off the shelf and expect it to be sustainable. Better to build it yourself piece by piece.
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    Depends on level of knowledge and amount of capital you have. A mentor is always a good thing but you will have to pay for there service before you even get started. If you can't afford a mentor just get some guidance here in the WF for now.
    Start with basics. Domain, hosting, wordpress, auto responder and start making landing pages and a funnel to drive traffic to. Build you email list everyday. Start selling affiliate products to bring in some cash. Then create your own products. Always tweak your funnel and emails in auto responder.
    Most important don't do it but yourself ask for help when you get stuck.
    Adrian Sizer
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  • Go with #2! It's an affordable way to get started and build an income. You can do EVERYTHING if you want to get a good head start. In the end, it's all about time management and managing multiple businesses. You never want to put all of your eggs in one basket
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    Too many 'fake it till you make it' gurus and coaches out there.
    That's for sure.

    5. Build your own sites and/or blogs - so you know how they are put together and how to work with them.
    This is excellent advice, as always, Kay.

    3. Get a mentor (one-on-one coaching).
    A variation of this.

    Find someone who has a vested interest in your success, then follow their instructions exactly. If someone only makes money when you do then it's in their best interest to show you all the "secrets."
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