Does anyone find multiple submittals to different directories sensible to do?

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Does anyone find multiple submittals to different directories sensible to do? Especially if you are planning on submitting a single article to them? Will it drive traffic to your site?

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    It is fine to submit the same articles to many article directories as long as it originated from you which means that it is a unique article.

    Having said that, some authority article directories like EZA, Squidoo and Goarticles will most likely be the ones that give you the actual targeted traffic. In my experience with article directories, the rest are merely for backlinking and will not give you much traffic as compared to the above mentioned especially EZA.

    If you want to play safe, submit one article to EZA and re-write 50% and submit to the rest for backlinking. That is what I am doing.
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    Yes I would agree with geolt7 ... also submit to hubpages too.

    It takes awhile to get the critical mass you need but with perseverance you end up with a massive amount of backlinks ... looked at one of my site yesterday it had 5402 backlinks and as a result gets plenty of free traffic ... this site now requires minimum effort on my part
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    Yes it's a good idea.. in fact, it is a fantastic idea and one you should use with all your published content online. I always recommend multiple submissions of content.

    Many directories (EZA, GoArticles etc), many portals like squidoo, hubpages, wetpaint etc...

    Yes it will bring traffic

    Maybe consider iSnare for this..



    Bare Murkage.........

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    Originally Posted by precious007 View Post

    If you're going to submit your articles to multiple directories then you better re-write them. And here's the trick link back to your original EZA articles from all the article directories, you might soon see a massive flow of traffic to all your EZA articles, just need to work them out..

    Most small article directories won't send you any type of traffic so there's no point in submitting the same article to hundreds of directories. (It's a complete waste of time)
    Are you saying then that for me to submit a single article to multiple directories...then if I do that they must all be unique and not the same exact article?

    Having read earlier replies it seemed ok to do with the same article for multiple directories with just one person stating that I should change the article once to a 50% level of revisions and then send it on to EZA for publishing.

    You see I have just purchased Mass Article Control along with Mass Article Submitter and will be trying their methods as they have recommended. But not knowing enough about it and the rules of getting published online I wanted to gather several opinions.

    So are you saying that I shouldn't make multiple submittals of an article without changing the article for each directory I plan to submit it too?


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