unhappy with fiverr seller - any recourse?

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i purchased a custom gig on fiverr the other day to have a whiteboard video created.

in the person's demo the voice over work sounded fine so i paid extra to have the seller add voiceover to the order and paid for rush delivery.

when i got the demo the audio sounded like the voice was being run through a computer generated program......basically i was very unhappy.

i informed the seller who took 2 days to try again with another voiceover artist who sounded like she was a 12 year old girl.

so i ended up having to get someone else to do the voiceover and pay them....adding to my cost and further delaying completion.

i recently asked the seller to adjust the price since i felt the voiceover work was not acceptable and since these deladys made this anything but a rush order and he absolutely refuses to do so and is acting like he is doing ME a favor by synching up my audio file and no additional charge.

is there any way to cancel the order with him or am i stuck with my only recourse being to leave negative feedback?

just doesn't seem fair that when you order on fiverr if the seller does a far less than satisfactory job they get paid anyway.

won't be using them again for specialized type of work like this. this was a custom gig for over $100 not a 5 dollar throw away.
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    Well you can request a cancellation on the order but it sounds like he will refuse it based on what you've said. I as a seller had a really bad experience with a buyer once who was simply demanding too much and refused to cancel so I got in touch with Fiverr who cancelled the order for me. You could try contacting the support team to see what they can do, otherwise you might be stuck with leaving a disapproving review.
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    lesson learned, move on and forget it.

    There is a reason that there are no mechanisms in place at fiverr to get refunds or contact customer service to act on your behalf. The reason is, fiverr would be broke in a few months. It is what it is.

    At fiverr you roll the dice, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose


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    First always see a reputation of a seller before buying. Secondly, request cancellation and leave a negative review and third, move on, you can't do anything about it since you already spent money. Negative review you left him will have affect on his sales. (Or just tell him you will leave a negative review if he doesn't do what you asked him to.

    Best regards,

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    Stop using Fiverr and spend a bit more money on better outsourcers?
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    To avoid this kind of problem, you should check the freelancer previous work history & feedback before hiring him. After see the old work, if you satisfy, then you can hire him. Thanks
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  • See if you can contact Fiverr.

    Or just accept the lesson and move on.

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    You can actually request for modification and refuse to accept the job. That was what I did. I recently ordered a gig and I was not satisfied with the completed work, so what I did was requested for a modification. Do not submit a "review" until you are happy with what you get

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