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What version of Frontpage will work with Vista?

What about Dreamweaver?

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    You can use Trellian which is free. Its nice software.

    Trellian WebPage - Software

    And here ia a short video from my coaching corse to get you going.

    Created by Camtasia Studio 5

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    In this moment i am using Dream weaver MX2004. This is quite old version but there is no problem with this.
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      I have Frontpage XP from the 2002 MS Office bundle. It seems to work fine on my computer. I don't use it extensively but have not had any problems with it since I got this Vista machine. I hope that answers your questions. If not, please advise and I will try to expand.

      Tim Pears

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        Thanks for all of the input.

        I might try to load my FrontPage 2002. I just don't feel like spending a whole lot of $ for new software.
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          If you do a search in google you will find many free and open source options. I highly recommend staying away from Frontpage because of what I said in my long post above. The browsers that are coming out now do not display frontpage generated pages correctly. To convert the pages and make them work for years into the future is quite time consuming and can cost quite a lot of money in outsourcing down the road if you choose to go this route.

          You can do what you want of course I am just telling you from my experience and what I see out there that creating sites with FP from this point forward is a big mistake.

          Kompozer is free and creates much better code than FP comparatively speaking. I would prefer you use that than try to install FP 2002.

          Ok, my ranting on this subject is over. If you do a search in the old forum at The Warrior Forum you will find quite a few lists of popular web editors. If you can make sure whatever you choose was created in the last year or two or updated often.

          My 2 cents,

          - Terry
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    Frontpage has for the most part, well actually it has been for quite sometime obsolete. It is not supported any more and pretty much has fallen into the abandon ware status.

    Frontpage was never created to create websites for anything other than IE, it has NO CSS support or standards compliance to it at all. It is very easy to use for beginners and that is why most people recommend it the only problem is it is obsolete, out dated and here REALLY soon the pages created with it will NOT function properly even in IE.

    I had a client recently send me something to work on that was created with FP. The code that was created kept tripping security warnings in IE. Not because there was anything in the code that was malicious it was due to the fact that the code of the html page was so outdated and designed so poorly that IE was mistaking incorrect markup for some sort of active content that the page wanted to run. There was NO active content at all, it was FP tags and out dated markup that IE did not understand how to read correctly. I find that personally very funny. LOL

    Anyway, for a wyswyg editor that creates correct markup I recommend Dreamweaver CS3 or higher. Xsitepro, FrontPage, NVU and many of the clones out there all create either really poor html markup that the browsers will soon stop understanding correctly OR there is a lot of junk added that make SEO and standards compliance difficult to achieve.

    What standards compliance means is that when you create a webpage it will look the same in ALL web standards compliant browsers. If your html markup is NOT standards complaint then at least two to three popular web browser out there will not display your web page the same as the rest of them.

    Any editor that has been released in the last year or two should be standards compliance and work well.

    NVU and it's updated cousin Kompozer were updated to my knowledge last in 2005/06.
    NVU was abandoned in 2003 or 04 I think then someone from the community started work on an updated version but due to legal reasons they could not call it NVU so they renamed it Kompozer but that was not updated very recently and has been abandoned as far as I am aware of. I have not been to their site recently so there could possibly be recent activity I do not know about.

    Microsoft has came out with some interesting software that is suppose to compete directly with Adobe suite of products. I tested out the beta of their webdesign software but at that time it only supported ASP and windows based server technology. My understanding is that it has been updated but my personal opinion on MS products is that they design it first and foremost to work with MS product lines THEN if demand is there they half assed put in support for things like PHP, and what the majority of web and ecommerce use like *nix based servers and based technology.

    I have NOT looked at MS's web design products since they first came out in beta. I do not know the quality of their current versions.

    I use Dreamweaver CS3 because it is the only Dreamweaver version that totally supports CSS and what you see in the design window is what you will see in the browser. No versions prior to CS3 let you see in the designer what you see in the browser. DW CS4 actually will have a open source standards compliant browser window built-in to the software, I have been testing CS4 and it is really nice and will be my choice of editor from that point on. Mainly due to the amazing support and ease of use working with CSS based layouts.

    Many complain that Dreamweaver like many editors create unneccesary code. What they do not tell you is that there are settings check boxes that allow you to turn on and off what is and is not added to the code. You can also create your own templates and tell DW to create new pages based off of your template code. This way your pages are created exactly how you want and dreamweaver becomes a real tool at this point and not a hindrance.

    The purpose of WYSIWYG editors is to automate and make it easier to create webpages the way YOU work and not be tied to a stringent way like FP for example.

    Many people that work professionally as web designers prefer to build their pages by hand. I like to do this also but use DW to automate the process for me.

    Anyway I am biased as you can tell but after years of testing and playing around with all sorts of editors I just got tired of wasting time trying to get the tools to do what I want. Dreamweaver allows me the most customization and flexibility.

    As a beginner using DW I would read as much as possible on the software and learn how to use it. Though the first thing I would have you do is go into the settings and turn off every feature you do not need or will be using. This will free up your navigation panels and allow you to easily do what you want.

    There are many addon's for DW that make automating form creation, template creation and do anything you can think of at a touch of a button and filling out simple questionaires. This is the easiest, just tell DW what you want and let it create it for you.

    Though be warned it is just a tool and without really understanding CSS, Html markup and creating web pages it will be a little difficult because no matter how much automation there is.. Customization ALWAYS relys on manual editing and working in the code by hand.

    long post but for the most part you should begin looking for other alternatives than Frontpage. Like I have been telling people for years, browsers will soon start not displaying FP created pages properly. We are NOW starting to see this happen, the technology keeps changing and growing, evolving. Frontpage is not, it's that simple.

    - Terry
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      Thanks for all of the info on FrontPage. I wrote my first response the same time you wrote your's and so I didn't see your post until after I was done.

      I didn't know FrontPage was so obsolete. I also have heard a lot of good things about Dreamweaver...pretty expensive, though, isn't it?

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        Originally Posted by Andyf View Post


        Thanks for all of the info on FrontPage. I wrote my first response the same time you wrote your's and so I didn't see your post until after I was done.

        I didn't know FrontPage was so obsolete. I also have heard a lot of good things about Dreamweaver...pretty expensive, though, isn't it?


        It depends on what you are going to be doing. Are you going to turn into a web designer and start creating many websites yourself? If so then DW would be a good choice. If you are going to just be updating or creating a few pages here and there then do not invest your money in any of the editors. You return on investment will not be there.

        If you will be doing a lot of activity creating websites and pages yourself then purchasing a tool to make it easier on you is a must. There are other options besides DW but you get what you pay for.

        If you are planning to be building a business marketing products then I would stay away from the design stuff all together and JV with people that know how to do the tech stuff. Then as you grow and can afford to outsource pay others to create webpages for you.

        There is NO money in webdesign unless you plan to go all out and learn how to pretty much become a programmer / webdesigner. If that has no interest for you then stay away from purchasing web editors and for the same price hire someone to create a website that will start bringing in money for you.

        This is a marketing forum and business focused. Think business minded when deciding on things like this. Will it pay to invest in a design tool or would it be much more profitable to JV with someone that can do this stuff for me or pay them out right to do it. One project at a time.

        - Terry
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          The thing is, even if someone designed a site for me, I'd want the ability to change and modify it as more pages are added and changes to pages occur. That's why I'd probably need decent software to do these things.

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    Definitely stay away from Frontpage.

    Dreamweaver CSS is much more compatible with the multitude of browsers that are now available. Frontpage gives you headaches with pretty much everything except Internet Explorer (big surprise).
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    The latest KompoZer update was just about a year ago -- while development may have slowed down, I wouldn't call it a dead product.

    Due to a computer move that didn't move all the files, and a physical move that has most of my stuff in boxes, I don't have a working copy of Dreamweaver -- so I've switched a lot of my web development to KompoZer.

    And while you can't directly compare the two, KompoZer is "good enough" that I'm not really missing DW all that much. I'll probably look around for the serial number at some point so I can have a working copy, but I'm not in any hurry.

    Like DW, KompoZer is cross-platform, and UNlike DW, KompoZer is free. *Especially* for free, it's a very good HTML editor.

    Jay Jennings
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      Thanks Jay....

      Do both DW and Kompozer have WSIWG modes? I'm guessing they do. Although I don't have a problem editing and writing HTML or CSS, I'm not guru at it so many times it's real fast for me in the WSIWG modes.


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    Pick up a book like "Teach yourself html and css in 24 hours" or even follow some online tutorials about html and css.

    Next all the "software" you will need is notepad. Because now you will understand where to put that image, how to get rid of that margin, change the background, change colors, fonts, spaces, breakes etcetc.

    The software that makes html for you in a wysiwyg way doesn't understand the big picture of design you have in mind. Especially Frontpage will spit out garbage just to come close to what you want it to be. But you have to understand html to see what I mean about that.

    Fiddling with frontpage will in the end take you more time then learning html.
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