$2000 available to spend on marketing a startup....

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Helping a new start-up launch in a super competitive niche, physical product, they are trying to get units moving quickly, average item costs around $25,and it's a personal care consumable.

They want results. How best would you use a tiny budget of $2000?
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    Do they have everything else setup? Website, funnel, AR's?

    If so, I'd pour that 2k into PPC ads via FB - But only if you know what you're doing. The fact that you came here to ask, suggests you don't.

    Dental Floss Tycoon

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    If they want quick results, I would recommend the following:
    - Facebook ads
    - Adwords
    - Press releases or interesting articles featuring your product on online publications with your target customers as audience.
    - Buy your way to lists subscribed by target customers
    - Partner with some existing popular supplementary products for a package discount.
    - Work with influencers in your niche for reviews and exposure on their blog or social media.

    Hope these ideas help!
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      your info certainty help.

      Thank you
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    Seriously $2000 is a waste of time and energy if you're trying to break into a competitive market....
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    are you wanting to help? or someone suggesting you?

    I have a digital product, are you interested in?
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    You could use Instagram to funnel interested people to your Facebook business page - from there you have a hosted website you can post videos, informative articles and interact with potential customers - this is a successful little funnel building strategy that costs very little (like nothing) the volume of traffic from Instagram can be huge if you post nice images of your product - the FB page costs nothing to set up, you could also invest in something like 'Leadpages' to set up sales pages to direct customers to.

    The whole basis of what we do as human beings is based on Communication, nothing would be possible otherwise. I work with communication, publishing on the Web, digital media.
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    I'd say you need to invest in online and offline ads. Online ads - pretty much what Pretty Jenny said (adwords, facebook ads, ecc.) and offline ads - flyers, maybe even key chains or personalized pens? Depends on the product and your target customers...
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  • Setup a great sales funnel.

    Optin Page > Sales Page

    Autoresponder > Lead Indoctination & Education > Constant Followup

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    Thanks everyone for the replies.

    Website is designed. Landing page for specific product is designed. The cursory idea is to use FB ads to drive traffic to two pixels installed on the business's website - one for FB one for PerfectAudience, and then serve re-targeted ads and videos using both platforms. What are your thoughts on this strategy? Is anyone else using this combo with good results? We are DEFINITELY staying away from G Adwords - not enough budget. They also have a list of target wholesalers who'd they'd like to pickup the product and they want to run a postcard campaign mailing to 50 businesses 3 times over the next 6 weeks. Thoughts on this?

    I will investigate using Instagram, but how long does it take to generate interest? Do they have an ads system in place? I have also sampled Twitter ads - hella expensive. I have also sampled Outbrain - drives traffic, but the bounce rate is completely insane.

    Per "not knowing what I'm doing" - I was tapped for this project because I helped design and set up their website. I have some familiarity with setting up FB ads, but I'm far from being a master of them. They know this but they are clear that they want me to handle everything since they were burned by an PPC "expert" a few months ago. They don't trust anybody else.

    Because of the time constraints, and if you all think the FB / PerfectAudience combo is a good idea, I'm willing to bring in an FB ad expert / consultant to help us refine this plan, but only if someone here can recommend someone solid. I don't have time to read a WSO, so please no referrals to one of those.

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    One other thing - has anyone here worked with White Shark Media before?

    I was considering using them to manage a PPC campaign on Bing, their Yelp feedback looks good, but at the same time, there was some negative feedback about budgets being spent down with no results whatsoever.

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    I am having a website about quote's and wish messages www.tellmequotes.com. I have tried Facebook for 2 times and result is it increases my FB page likes but there is no any advantage in traffic. Really frustrated from FB ADS.
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    I understand your frustration with FB ads. I see their praises quoted like gospel on here all the time, but I've only had moderate conversions when I used them in the past, but I'm willing to revisit them to bring traffic to the site for re-targeting.
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