A Fake Arm Just 'TRIPLED' Our Business! File This!!!

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Before you go thinking this is another one of those attention grabbing headlines, YOUR WRONG!! To cut a long story into a short one for you read on....

My uncle and I started and insurance company about 12 months ago, things were going fine but I asked him what one thing can we do to double our business. We brainstormed and brainstormed and came up with some good stuff...NOTHING really special we could come up with.


One night I was going through the photos of our trip to New York a while back. I remember seeing a "Soprano's" advertisement on a cab with fake blood and what looked like real man's arm poking out the back of the trunk...like there was a dead body in the trunk. I remember taking photos of it because it literally caught the attention of anyone in the cabs vicinity when stopped....Was funny and shocking at the same time.

Here is the a similar picture to the one i had -

*DING* the lightbulb went off thought - what if we did something similar, and tied it in with our insurance not costing and arm and a leg.

Two months later, so be it. We had a very realistic man's arm sticking out the back of our business car, with the website and the headline "Want Solid, Safe, Affordable Insurance That Wont Cost You An Arm & A Leg!!"

I thought it was corny but... as soon as we started driving round, people were laughing, pointing, gasping, staring, shocked, and within a month our business had doubled, then tripled...so to the traffic going to our website. We are still simply amazed that something so inexpensive and simple would go a LONG LONG WAY! and make us lots of money.

Sometimes the answers to your problems are right under you nose!!!

Some days I will drive a kilometer from work and walk to the office to drum up local interest...LOL cheecky HUH.
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