Are There Any Plugins/Templates/Software To Create Nice Looking Aweber Forms?

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Been searching, but can't find much. Not too sure what i'm looking for.

I guess I want templates or software that will produce Aweber forms that look more impressive than the standard ones. You see these on plenty of sites. How are they being done?
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    Yes, search for 'graphical optin template' and you'll turn up some options.

    I found some that already had the aweber code in them, you just needed to change out two variables in it, add your own text, upload and you're good to go.

    Traci Knoppe, OBM, Launch & Project Manager
    Your Web Tech Team

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    Thanks, Traci!

    Looking for Aweber-specific templates was turning up nothing. But a simple change to the search term has turned up lots

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    Hi, Alex - I just submitted a WSO last night that hasn't showed up yet. However check out the sight in my signature. Then go to "Sales Page Generator". It has 12 templates that you can copy and paste your aweber form code into. If it's something are looking for, I'm send you a copy free of charge. Just PM me.

    Consider it an early holiday present. :-)

    Hope this helps.
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