Saving TIME with internet Marketing

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After 2 years of listbuilding, im starting to think there are better ways to go about it.

These days I DREAD having to do things like:

- Creating a funnel of emails (Usually 25 emails)
- Write content for websites (Unless im in a good mood or genuinely LIKE the subject being discussed)
- Tweak squeeze pages for conversions.

Im starting to think the big players in the IM scene are doing none of the above and are in fact saving time instead of investing it.

Like with..
Creating funnels (Using pre-made already proven funnels instead
- Creating Content (Outsourcing / PLR)
- Tweaking Squeezes (Using already done / tested squeezes.

After going into IM for the sake of doing LESS work for bigger payoffs, with less time involved..

Im starting to think its the absolute opposite!

2 years of writing emails, creating content, creating graphics, bootstrapping forums, etc managing my own brand.

Im starting to think Im doing things the hard way.

Are any of you big IM's actually using the shortcuts I mentioned above for easier profits?

Would like to hear about it
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    Set S.M.A.R.T. goals
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      The video editing and the content is awesome. It is very well explained.
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    It's all about getting MAXIMUM RETURN ON EFFORT.

    I'd focus on a middle ground.

    The problem with PLR materials is that most of the packages out there SUCK.


    You're better off coming up with your own templates based on your own results and user feedback.

    Tweak these for new markets.

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