Who's Got The Guts To Try Something Different?

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Here are two stories I use as motivational pieces in one of my books. Read them and I'll tie them into Internet marketing at the end. Enjoy.

Dick Fosbury Backs Into History
The 1968 summer olympics in Mexico City a young man made history. Dick Fosbury attended Oregon State University in the 1960's; he excelled in track and field--in particular, he was a high jumper. While at college he developed a new style of high jumping. In the '68 Olympics "Foz" lined up for his gold medal winning jump a little differently than all of his competitors. Everyone else used a forward, straddle-style roll over the bar. Fosbury had the courage to do things a little different.

When he lined up for his final jump, the crowd knew something was different: His starting position, his approach to the bar, and finally--his unorthodox backward roll over the bar. There would have been laughs from the crowd after seeing his awkward-looking leap except for one little fact: His "Fosbury flop" set a record of 2.24 meters (about 7'4")!

Yes, the crowd knew that they had witnessed something new, unique, and something that would set the standard for the sport for years to come. Today, virtually all high jumpers use the "Fosbury Flop" as the technique of choice in the high jump. I have one more example to share with you, and then we will see how this pertains to Internet marketing.

Enter Pete Gogolak, August 8, 1964
As a child, Pete Gogolak grew up playing soccer in Hungary. Eventually he mover to the United States and played football at Cornell University. What distinguished Pete was that he was a soccer-style kicker. He didn't use the straight-up, toe-style form used by every pro football player prior to 1964. Pete was drafted in the 12th round by the Buffalo Bills in '64.

During a pre-season game against the New York Giants, Gogolak was sent in with only seconds left in the game by coach Lou Saban to attempt a field goal. The ball was spotted on the Bills' 43 yard line. No one in the NFL or AFL had ever come close to kicking one nearly that far--57 yards!

Everyone believed he would try a fake kick and turn it into some kind of Hail Mary! desperation pass play. This was not to be the case!

Gogolak lined up about three yards behind the spotter--and two steps off center. The crowd had never seen anyone in pro football use this "sissy-style" soccer approach to kicking field goals before. There were hecklers in the crowd; they were about to be silenced.

The ball was snapped, spotted and Pete used his sidewinder approach to send the pigskin sailing upward. Up, up, and down the field--homing in on the target with a calculated trajectory. BUT NO ONE CAN KICK A 57 YARD FIELD GOAL!

Gogolak's kick sent the ball splitting the uprights perfectly. The crowd was in utter disbelief--they had witnessed the longest field goal in the history of professional football. Gogolak dared to be different. His kick set the new standard for style in the NFL.

Do you dare to be different? You'd better! Silence the hecklers who say that you can't make money in Internet marketing. Don't just think outside the box--live outside the box. Come up with the next idea that forces people to say, "Man, I wish I had thought of that!" But they didn't; You did, and you will deserve to be rewarded for your idea. Give your great ideas wings with which to fly,--and be prepared to fly high--it's the only way to go!

Need some motivation? Check out this YouTube Video showing a dozen or so Internet marketing gurus (Andrew, Chris McNeeney, Michael Cheney, et.al.) on Andrew Fox's 60' boat off the coast of Ireland. Learn how to be the very best at what you do and maybe you'll have one of those toys for yourself one day. (This isn't my video--I just found it the other day.)
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