How do you stay organized?

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I'm just curious as to how everyone manages multiple sites/projects/etc... in their daily lives? Do you use any apps, to do lists, or calendar systems to keep yourself from losing your mind?

Because I have one authority site on the go, and am in the process of developing another one. While working a full time job, it's hard to keep everything in prospective.

Things like content management, list management, ideas that pop up, daily tasks, etc..

I'm hoping to find a good personal project management app that's really simple. I tried Trello but it's not doing it for me.

So do you have a personal favorite app that you use every day? Or just something simple like evernote? Thanks for you input!
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    Personally I use Mindjet on a daily basis. It's a paid tool, it's amazing in helping me organize my life. I have a single file that layouts both my personal and professional lives. The branches make visualizing multiple projects and their relationship easier and I know exactly what I need to do for each project.

    Every Monday I sit down and review my Mindjet "tree" and update it with changes that have happened the previous week and plan the most important tasks for the new week. The result of this is a to-do list for every day of the week. I then move these to-do lists to Kanbanery, which I use throughout the day to finish daily priorities. Being able to move completed tasks from the "to-do" to "finished" board gives a great sense of satisfaction.
    I'm pretty sure I have adopted this system from some article I read years ago but can't remember from whom it was any more.
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    Because I have one authority site on the go, and am in the process of developing another one. While working a full time job, it's hard to keep everything in prospective.
    My suggestion here won't be of any use right now, but will make sense down the road.

    Try to get out of the mode of developing something else while having a project already on the go. And in your case, also working a full time job. It will burn you out, (if you are working at it alone). And no software will be able to fix you up.

    As creative as your brain may be, (you know, coming up with a new website idea while making love), you need to stay focused on creating and completing one project first. Then get it off the ground, and make it profitable.

    Otherwise, you're going to end up with 10 half ass half complete "could be" products. (been there) .

    But as I said, this may not make sense right now, but the habit eventually festers into 10 or 20 projects "on the go". And of course there's an app for that.

    I have tons of different software that I paid good money for to "get organized".
    But in the end, I realized that "a thousand things to do today", no matter how organized, looks no different on a computer screen than it does on a piece of paper. You will still fry your brain. Just sayin...
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      I have found that focusing on a bunch of stuff gets you no where but broke...

      I have learned to focus on 1 thing at a time until you make it profitable and where it can run on it's own, then you move on to the next.

      This way your focusing on getting to the next step and it will help you be more organized.

      Also notepad on iphone and anydo (task manager) helps you keep moving forward.
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    I make to-do lists every Sunday night and try like mad to work through the whole list by the following Friday. Lately I've been playing with Google Calendar so I'll get reminders as well, and it works nice since it integrates with Drive and all the other Google productivity tools.

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    I'm actually a big fan of the old-fashion methods: I have an agenda!
    However, I do believe that focusing on one thing at a time is best.
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