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Hi Guys, How are you all doing? Warriors i am really going mad, i live in a country (Middle East) where you can only get a bank account if you work (Visa) card for withdrawing money to bank account. I know i can use payoneer to get paypal payments. I am really not interested in using payoneer. Kindly, please help me out with paypal virtual bank account. I know many people use VBA USA to verify paypal. Can anyone tell me how and where i can get all this step by step? I have student bank account with master card. But PAYPAL doesn't accept master card to link my card.

Please help me out its been a long time, my payments are stuck

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    Hello good day!

    There are a lot of ways to verify your account find a bank there that is connected to bancnet, that can be used to verify your paypal account and you can transfer your money in that said atm.

    I suggest you visit your nearest bank also and ask them directly how to transfer your money and verify your account. Here we can suggest what we have searched and known but experts like them knows the best option for you.

    After all we are in different location so it is much better for you to ask a bank there that can help you on hand.

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      Many sellers offer VCC for online purchase. In regard of paypal verifying you can use it and if you need emergency PM me and I will support you.
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    There are forums of the black hat type where people do this. You can google it I am sure.
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    I am from India and I also can't use my Visa. So I am using EntroPay.

    Its awesome. It charges are minimum and works on every site. Give it a try. You can create a virtual card easily.
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      The bank you need to can use with paypal has to have that 3D thingie in order to can receive and send(pay online) cash. This you have to ask multiple banks in order to find one that lets you do this. I searched a lot in order to can find a bank that lets me do these. The bank I use is Raiffeisen Bank.
      Now my only problem is the limit of 2500euro yearly receiving from paypal but ... I recently made an 2checkout account that according to the guy that helped me set up(1 of the representatives of the 2checkout company) they do not have such limits for EU countries. I have also asked if there are any problems that I am a freelancer and not a business owner and he said that is ok and there are no problems with it(being freelancer).

      Hope these info helps you
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