Where to buy good advertising ?

by matjaz73 10 replies
I wanted to buy one of those so called cheap advertising 10.000 just for $19.00.
Now I want to know where can I find real advertising and no scamers.
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    I am not sure what type of audience you are looking for. I have an advertising directory if you are looking to advertise to moms.

    WAHM Advertising Directory - www.WAHMAdSpots.com

    Mommy Enterprises
    Helping Moms Make Money At Home $$

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    you get what you pay for unfortunately and I don't think $19.00 would buy you quality targeted traffic. Usually for that price you get sent traffic from all over the place and that is no good to you if someone is sending you people who are looking to buy fishing rods and you sell guitars now is it.

    I think for targeted traffic you should be looking to pay around the $50 mark if not more. But do be careful whatever you decided to do.
    Ebooks With Resale Rights For Pennies On the Dollar.

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      Don't buy into those traffic deals! You will get hits, but they're garbage. They're most likely from popups and blind links.

      Look into more reputable ways of getting traffic such as article marketing or PPC. Be careful with PPC though, it's very easy to run up the bill but the traffic can be highly targeted.
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        We have targeted advertising campaigns going on all the time. It's not cheap, but our copywriting and niche sources are very effective. See my sig
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          The price point you give is for main stream traffic. Mainstream traffic is not targeted by any means.

          The only way that you can get targeted traffic is to know who your customer is...you know...the ones that will "Pay" for your service/product.

          Actually if you learn to identify your customer, you can then present your offer in front of them, increasing your odds of a sale tremendously.

          Take a look at my sig file. It's a free ebook/report that will show you how to get started.

          Advertising can be bought pretty cheap if it fits the persona of your customer.
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    Originally Posted by matjaz73 View Post

    I wanted to buy one of those so called cheap advertising 10.000 just for $19.00.
    Now I want to know where can I find real advertising and no scamers.
    Going by your subject line ... I'd personally go with someone who has a targeted list!

    It may cost a little more, but will be well worth it in the end.

    If it is, save your 19 bucks and add to it each week if you have to.

    Untargeted traffic in my opinion is probably the worse type of traffic other then none.

    Trust me, it'll be worth the wait.

    Either that, or find someone willing to JV with you who have similar products or sites who have a list, and trade traffic.

    All the best ...

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