I Need Some Testimonials For A 'High-End' Information Product

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Didn't mean for that thread title to sound cheeky, especially when it's my first post.

It's really great to be part of a growing community where I hope I can be of help and assistance to those that need it. Been browsing the posts on and off for a few months but just never seemed to get round to making a contribution yet.

However, In exchange for a 99.9% completed 'high-end' course titled: "The Definitive Guide To Info Product Wealth" which is over 900 pages long, I would like some testimonials, with a picture of the contributor, to use on my website.

I understand that reviewing the product will take a little time, and I do appreciate this.

The product is a comprehensive course covering every aspect of developing and selling your own information product.

I am looking for 10 or so testimonials and will give each reviewer a full copy of the product in exchange for their testimonial and image.

The product can be used for your own personal use only and must not to be given away, copied or used in any other way except personal use.

Interested parties, please kindly reply to this post with your reason why you would be a good candidate.

Many thanks,

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    Hi Hans,

    It sounds like a labour of love you've produced there.

    My background is as business analyst / writer and I would be delighted to review and provide a testimonial.

    Its interesting the idea of reformatting some of the content into video/audio. Diversified content and chunks are so important for this type of content. You can see thats what some product providers do and then define parts of the product as BONUSES.



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    I would like to do a review and give you a testimonial,I can supply a pic as well.
    I have a few days off from work so I can give it a good read.
    Thanks in advance and good luck.

    Something new soon.

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    I can review your product and give you a testimonial. Let me know.

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    Stay up to date with the Internet Tutor http://www.internettutor.co.uk

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    Hey Booyaka I'd love to check out your product and give it a testimonial + pic.

    PM me the download link and I'll get started today

    I'll help double your AARRR metrics 80% faster than you've projected.


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    Booyaka, sounds like an interesting and comprehensive course that you have there. I would be interested in reviewing the course but 900 pages would take a few days to read.
    Metaphysical Intuitive Consultant
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    I'd be interested as this is the next step. I write and I've been on the Internet enough to know what constitutes a good product and a fair review.I am always testing and will give this a fair shake. A photo and what not with the review is certainly not a problem.
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    Damn 900 pages that sounds like some interesting bed time reading.

    Creating information products is what im currently looking into at the moment and must have brought every wso on the subject yet information seems to always be limited and always only go to a certain point.

    If your still in need of some more reviewers then im definatly interested.

    Tom Brite
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    I will review your product and give you honest review
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      I would be gald to help. I have been here since 1999 (old forum date) and have seen many good and some bad products...

      Anything I can do, please PM a link or copy of your product and I will respond asap with image and review...

      John Smart
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  • Profile picture of the author TheDebtEliminator
    Hello Booyaka,

    Very - VERY Interested in participating

    Please include me as one of your reviewers

    All the Best -Ron
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    This is available for individuals with more than 10-K of debt and only by phone to start your debt analysis ... PM Me Your Phone Number and best times to call.
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