How to boost a video in serps??

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I have a video that's on YT, it ranks #1 on their for the long tail keyword. Yet, when I click on web results within Google, it is on page 3...The kw has 163,000 results.

So when you search for long tail keyword - it's on page 3! When when you search for "Long Tail Keyword" it's number 2 with 120 results. How can I improve this for the broad match - anyone?
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    Hey Dexter,

    Social signals and backlinks, buddy.


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    I agree, just quality backlinks.
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    Place a variety of backlinks. Also be share to spread the video across social media. When placing your links make sure to add your keyword as an anchor text but don't overdue it with just that. Meaning have regular links and other related keywords as achore text.

    Do it naturally and you really don't need a lot of them. Its not so much the numbet that counts as much as the process and where/how you have them.

    Hopefully you have your file name the keyword as such: this-is-my-keyword-phrase.mp4
    Working to achieve higher results...
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    If the video is actually good and you post in a relevant subreddit, you'll get a lot of traffic and hopefully backlinks from bloggers.

    Note: The most useful backlinks are backlinks that you don't place yourself. In other words, organic.

    On the whole, you get what you pay for.

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      I also try to increase my video views. But its not easy.

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