How to create High Convertible $$$ landing page without know good English?

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I want create good convertible landing page for ClickBank offer (for Venus Factor) but my problem is that I don't know good English. what can I do what will your WF advice?
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    Hire someone that has good English.
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    Exactly what ArticlePrince said.

    Go to (formerly ODesk) or Elance and hire someone to create it for you.
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    yes I can hire someone on freelancer site but there I think it is hard to find person who will create convertible LP
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    You could outsource on a site like freelance or even fiverr! Better yet if you have already created the page and its just not converting for you then just optimize it. Go see what other similar sites are out there and just copy that material but maybe reword it a little different. You'll be fine! Fastest way maybe would be to outsource it for yourself.
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      Go see what other similar sites are out there and just copy that material but maybe reword it a little different. You'll be fine!

      You're kidding right?
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    Use drag and drop page builders and design it yourself. You dont need any technical skills to build a high quality page yourself with drag and drop features. In clickbank you must be promotin affiliate offers, they already hav their own sales page as well. You can take the idea what to include in your pages from there. Or see tons of sales pages at a go...let those contents, images, texts, graphics, videos etc, sink in your mind and then at that very moment design your own page. What you will come up with will be very attractive. Its psychological...the use of subconscious mind..
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    hire someone, or you may use some online landing page creator to create yourself

    almost online page builders require no coding/design skill to make, just fill your information

    then I'll also suggest mine Awesome Mobile Site Builder (AMSB) - hope it's helpful for you

    just tell me if you need any help

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    Are you sure? This way you can earn money? please say details. thanks
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    You have to hire someone. Or, if your English is not all that bad, you could use the Ginger software, it corrects your grammar and everything. But it's a software, you'd have to know enough English yourself to make sure the text is OK.
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    I can't find any service which have service to create high EPClanding page with design +content. if somebody know service like this please link me
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  • Your english is fine.

    The best way is to just get someone to ''spell check'' it afterwards...

    Or just outsource it

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