Stage one complete, now for stage two..

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I had quite a bit of capital and have a really great business model for what I'm doing in the fitness market but needed to take this idea and turn it into a reality.. so this is what I did.

I went to Elance and posted featured jobs..
-One for my copywriter (For the sales Letter and video script)
-One for the video scribe
-One for graphics
-One for Logo
(This cost me roughly 3k)

With these featured jobs most projects accumulated 20-50 bids and I was able to thoroughly go through the portfolios and pick who I thought was most qualified to make my idea into a reality.

The copy turned out amazing and everything is coming together. I have a brandable name and a very quality landing page/site to go along with it.

Before I start running facebook ads I was wondering what my fellow Warriors would do to generate some traffic? Again I am in the fitness market, and my niche has to do with personal training. The product I'm offering is phenomenal value but also a relatively high price (Bronze package - $97, Silver - $267, Gold - $387).

Anyways, what would be your approach before launch?
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    looking at the price point,maybe driving traffic from facebook ads through a webinar invite might be good. I'm not in the fitness niche but high price point products + evergreen webinar tends to boost the sales and conversion.
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    Reverse engineer the top brands in your niche and copy

    1) their backlink profile

    2) their social media content distribution network of influence leaders

    The secret? Come up with better content
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    As someone who's an avid shopper in the fitness market/personal trainer websites, I have purchased $200 a month packages by following trainers on Instagram. I like seeing their clients and the competitions they've won.

    Sometimes if I'm looking to see how to do an exercise with correct form, I'll go to YouTube. I've never purchased anything from the trainers on YouTube, but I'm pretty sure I would if I needed something and the person in the video had it.

    I also scan through profiles at forums. I've purchased ebooks and supplements through experts I've found this way.

    Most times, however, I just start with a regular, old Google search when I need advice on a certain topic. And I prefer buying from someone who presents themselves as an expert and has photos of their transformations -- especially at the price points you're talking about.

    I don't have a problem spending the money or working hard in the gym, but I need to know that I'm working with someone who can get results. I think if you can hammer home the results angle, your traffic generating methods will be so much more effective.

    I've never purchased any fitness products as a result of seeing them on Facebook, but maybe that's because I already know how to find what I'm looking for. I train daily, so there are certain websites I automatically go to for advice.

    (Since I don't know your exact niche within personal training, I hope that answers your question.)
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