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Hi all
A web development company is offering me commission-only work for marketing their products (commercial websites and related applications, I reckon mostly for the food industry). I've been writing ads for family and friends with great success most of the times, sometimes charging sometimes for free. How much do you reckon is a fair percentage for this kind of work? Would it also depend on the industry (other than food, etc)?
Thanks guys
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    If anyone has done or currently does this kind of work, your feedback would be greatly appreciated. Just a rough estimation would be fine, eg 5 vs 25 vs 50% commission for selling websites/apps.
    Thanks again
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    The last affiliate program I looked at cost $60 to join and paid out affiliate commissions on referrals over 5 levels. $10, 8, 6, 4, 2.

    Not the most lucrative for marketing purposes but it is an option worth considering in my opinion.
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    whatever percentage meets your income requirements. It is hard to give a definitive answer without knowing prices and whatnot


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