Has anyone had any Amazon commissions stolen from them?

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Hey guys!

I have a technology site which reviews all sorts of tech products and for some reason sales have totally stopped but all clicks are still coming in.

My normal conversion rate is between 5-10%.

Now my sales are not coming up at all. Has anyone had any viruses on Wordpress which can affect this or has anyone been hacked in any way?

Something is definitely wrong here, it doesn't make any sense.

Thanks guys
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    I've never had my Amazon sales stolen -- I don't even think that is possible. If you're still getting clicks but conversions have dropped off completely, I would first inspect the links that you use to send visitors to amazon. Check to make sure they're still working, check to see if they actually go to a product (make sure product hasn't been discontinued).

    If the links are still good and going to a valid product, I would dig deep into your traffic. It could be that Google has dropped your ranking for a set of keywords that were converting very well. Or it could be another source of traffic that was sending you highly-converting visitors has died. If all of these checks come up negative, it could just be a very temporary issue?
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    Lol, I have always wondered about that. I used to make some sales with Clickbank, nothing big like 2 or 3 sales a month, but that stopped completely also, I haven't had any sales in about 9 months eventhough I am still promoting the same way, I didn't cut down on any of my advertising costs. That kind of make me think that there are people out there with some kind of software or something that can take over your sales. Maybe I am crazy lol.
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    This sounds like a decline in earnings opposed to having earnings stolen?
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    I highly doubt that is possible unless your website is hacked and got your affiliate links changed. Maybe, it's good if you can check your website and see if all affiliate links is still working.

    When you say "clicks" are you referring to your website or to the affiliate link clicks from amazon?
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    All depends on the volume. If you're used to 1-2 sales a day, and haven't had sales in a few days - That's nothing to worry about.

    If you're used to 20+ sales a day, and it's stopped completely, than something is wrong.

    Dental Floss Tycoon

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    it's never happen in my account
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