15 Awesome Paid traffic sources. The first 3 worked well for me.

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Here are 15 paid web traffic sources that will get people to visit your website's landing pages. It is usually a good idea to run a test campaign to measure and analyze the quality of the web traffic before running full PPC campaigns.

Here you can find the hyperlink with links to the sources: webtools.mrbusiness.ca/user/link/index/401

7Search s established network of vertical search engines, high-traffic niche partner-sites and popular third-party websites work together to display your ads and drive visitors to your website.

AdBrite shut down in February 2013 and SiteScout has only purchased certain intellectual property assets that formerly belonged to the company. If you have any outstanding issues with AdBrite, you will need to reach out to your previous contact there.

Pulse 360 is a data-driven ad technology company satisfying the goals of performance-based advertisers using any pricing model - CPC, CPM - on high quality publishers. The company's flagship sponsored links network conn

Bidvertiser BidVertiser
Display the BidVertiser ads on your website or blog, get paid for clicks and conversions and get paid by PayPal, check or wire.

Maximieren Sie die Werbeerl se Ihrer Webseite indem Sie Werbebanner aus unserem umfangreichen High Quality Netzwerk anzeigen.

Online advertising is the best way to get your ad in front of consumers who are shopping online for exactly what you re selling. The FinditQuick major search engine network reaches over 98 of all U.S. consumers using search engines to shop online. Start Advertising with FinditQuick

Promote your business on Plentyoffish! The top users of our ad system have increased their revenues by over 500,000 a month by taking advantage of our targeting capabilities. Many business owners target local consumers based on zip code, age, gender, education, profession etc

Google Adwords
Be seen by customers at the very moment that they re searching on Google for the things you offer. And only pay when they click to visit your website or call.

Find new customers from our exclusive network of search partners through our award-winning technology platform.

Findology is a highly-regarded online advertising, marketing, and traffic monetization platform. Our network delivers consumer traffic from a broad spectrum of search networks, contextual displays, domains, and web publishers.

Facebook Ads
Facebook pay per click Advertising

Adknowledge is a digital advertising technology company specializing in helping demanding clients get a great ROI from their digital media spending in a brand safe way, at scale. What drives this ROI-obsessed approach? Engineering, our data-led methodology, and a decade of experience working closely with high-performance advertisers in eCommerce, lead generation and social gaming.

Blind spots permeate the landscape of our everyday lives. They serve to obscure what is right in front of us and what should

Put an end to disappointing campaign results with Adblade, the world s only ultra-premium ad network. With premium inventory from over 1,000 branded content sites, reaching over 300 million unique users in the US each month, you can target best prospects at scale. Our proprietary NewsBullets ad unit is designed to engage readers and delivers 3x better results. And thanks to our constant monitoring...

Unleash the power of AdManage, with more products under one roof than any other online advertising network.
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