Does It All Seem To Be 1 Big Exclusive Club ?

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Just a thought here , does internet marketing all seem to be an exclusive club of the same people giving testamonials to the same people all the time -- not only testamonials but ' i'll promote your product if you promote mine sort of thing '.
Just thought i'd throw it out there.

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    It doesn't seem that way- it is that way.

    Think about this for a moment. Let's say you run a dairy farm and deliver all the milk to your local town. Then one day, a stranger shows up and says, "I make all the chocolate syrup for our town. And you know what, it goes great with milk! Let's brag about each other's product and we will both sell a whole lot more."

    Would you say yes or no to this offer?

    Internet marketers are huge on networking so of course they cross-promote each other's stuff. It only makes sense to do so.

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    You've figured out the secret! Now nobody will make any money! The 'I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine' is universal. Even in video games!
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    You got it. It's even got a name! Joint venturing. Marketers Jv with other marketers for mutual benefits.
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    A lot of Internet Marketing is about networking with others, so it might appear to be one big, exclusive club, but not really exclusive since it's easy enough to get in by doing for others, networking with others and getting to know people.
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      Originally Posted by sbucciarel View Post

      A lot of Internet Marketing is about networking with others, so it might appear to be one big, exclusive club, but not really exclusive since it's easy enough to get in by doing for others, networking with others and getting to know people.
      ^^ What sbucciarel said! Don't let that stop you from taking action and making progress... if you want in, then you can get in!
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    I know many experts including myself who do not rely at all on affiliate sales. We do what we're doing and don't bother with what other people are doing.

    Are there some "gangs"? I'm sure there are. I just don't care.
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    There's definitely the good ole boy's club. Anyone who says otherwise is selling you something.

    It's not really a static thing though, because the names and faces change as the years pass.

    The solution?

    Develop a skill set that allows you to make your own sales, and never rely on others to put bread on your table.
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    As far as promoting lots of affiliates help each other out. It's not to say they are all organized gangs out to rip you off. Of course just like anywhere else it is buyer beware.

    As Jason said however there are many of us here that do not rely in any way on affiliate sales or perhaps recommend real world products that we all use in our businesses. For example for 16 years I have been making money helping real businesses grow their bottom line. I have probably bought 50 gigs worth of products on here lol but for me one golden nugget can often make me 100 times what it cost to get it.

    Sometimes I will recommend something but i have actually never in 16 years used an affiliate link lol even when I LOVED the product.
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    If your application to join the club is denied, start your own club

    How about some FREE unique handwritten articles for your website, blog, SEO, guest posts, etc?

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    Hi Shaun, I do not think its like that. There are many new entrants who are unknown to big names in Internet marketin but they come, work and make it. There must be many of them who quit but there are people who are commited to their dreams and they will achieve their dreams one day...probably soon. If what you're sayin is correct then that would mean Internet Marketin would die after some time on the (pardon my rudeness) eventual death of "same people of that exclusive club". But that will never be the case. It just depends on newbies' commitment level, dedication, passion etc whether they will make their names big in the industry or not coz if they are persistent, they WILL attract people, conditions and things that will help them in their dreams.

    PS its good to see you again..
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